Big Brother Australia Nominations S08D043 (Channel Ten)

BB tells the intruders that they are no longer intruders. They are HM. They can nominate and can be nominated.

Nominations 2pts        1pt

Terri               Nob                   Bianca             “I’ve never seen her that distraught.”

Rory              Alice                  Brig                 “I won’t miss her if she leaves.”

Terrence        Cherry               Rhianna           “He has physically affected me on two occasions.”

Bianca           Terrence            Terri                 “He continuously mispronounces my name.”

Travis            Nob                   Ben                  “I nominate him for what he did to me.”

Nob               Rhianna             Alice                “She doesn’t bring much.”

Cherry           Terrence            Rhianna           “He’s boring.”

Alice              Nob                   Ben                  “He manipulates people.”

Ben                Alice                  Cherry             “She’s domineering.”

Rhianna         Terrence            Brig                 “He is the most annoying HM.”

Brig               Nob                   Cherry             “He’s a liar.”

Once again, the intruders are nominating themselves. It’s always a bad strategy. Strategically, it would have made more sense to nominate other people than Nob, since he can save a nominee.

Nob has got 8, Terrence has got 6, Alice has got 5, Cherry and Rhianna 4, Ben and Brigitte 2, Bianca and Terri 1, Rory and Travis 0. Nob saves himself. This means that Cherry and Rhianna are nominated instead. The HM don’t know the new nominees.

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