Big Brother Australia S08D042 (Channel Ten)

Since the meltdown last Friday, Travis has been upset with the Kombi boys the Nob, Rory and Ben. He doesn’t consider Nobbi a friend anymore. He talks about this with Ben.

The Nob is called to the diary room. Ben is doing some damage control vis-à-vis Travis. He has learned that he regretted putting that much trust in Nob.

It’s not my fault that a 20 year old adult wasn’t able to answer a question like that.
Nob to BB.

Travis is really annoyed with the Nobster.

Nob isn’t concerned about having asked this question. The Nobster keeps saying that he didn’t think that Travis would blow up. He goes out to see Travis in the garden. Travis doubts what the Nob is saying to him. The Nob tries to interrupt Trav when he is talking. Travis doesn’t let him. He says that if he wouldn’t have said Alice, the Kombi boys would have drilled him in the van later on.

Travis tells the Nob that he didn’t admit to what he has done. He denied it. Travis tells him that he didn’t come clean. He calls Alice over. The Nob is just manipulating people once again. He didn’t say that he was responsible. Rory butts in.

Hearing the Nob call Alice strategic and playing the game is totally hypocritical, since he is obviously playing the game.

After another round of arguments, an unrepentant Nobbi is called to the diary room. Of the three Kombi boys, he has expressed the least regret. He has actually not expressed any regret. Over the past few weeks, he has been the subject of three separate incidents. First he got a terrible demeaning haircut from Nobbi. Next, Ben and Rory squirted shower gel into Travis’ eyes while he was in the toilet. Finally there was the incident of Friday night. They purposefully lied to Travis and induced him to confront Alice. BB tells him in no uncertain words that he has to immediately stop bullying Travis right now. Otherwise, he faces severe consequences.

Later, Nobbi has still not apologized for his behavior.

Terrence is driving the boys mad with his sermons. The Kombi Van boys come up with a way out. They tell Bianca and Renee. Terrence walked in and started singing a Terrence song. It was very annoying. That only serves the Nobster right for being such a nob.

Right before leaving, there are fireworks. This is part of this week’s task, which the HM have completely failed.

Rory leaves some sweets in Rhianna’s locker and she’s flattered to find them there. The Kombi boys and Bianca leave for their flight. They think that they are going to Balie. They are in for a rude surprise. Rory confides that he won’t commit to any relationship unless he can see himself with that person 50 years down the line. That’s just plain stupid.

The Nobster says that he hasn’t got any compassion. They have been on their mystery flight for 9 hours.

Ollie is back in the house for a short time. He’s here to say goodbye. He won’t be back. Alice cries in the diary room and snuggles with him.

After a 10 hour flight, their destination is the city dump. Well deserved for Nobbi and his pals. That’s karma. Although the Nobster doesn’t know it, anyone could have won this.

Meanwhile the other HM are having Ollie’s goodbye party. Ollie is leaving the house. A bunch of motorcycles drive into the garden. The HM are noticing them.

BB tells the HM that they have failed the task.

Renee and Rhianna are watching Cherry work out. Renee admits that she’s pervy for him. Rhianna say that she’s not into Asians, but Nobbi’s got a hot body. He’s also got nice moisturized skin. Rhianna says that Ben is most her type.

Brig has grown closer to Terri.

The Nobster says that he doesn’t regret anything. He then says that he regrets doing what he did to Travis.

Alice thinks that the Nob wants her to go tomorrow. Renee doesn’t know.

The “winning” HM in the city dump leave on their 10 hour flight. They had 60 seconds to board the plane. The Nob is still in his undies.

Alice and Renee have decided to camp outside last night. Kombi boys return. Rory, Bianca and Ben brief the other HM about their trip. Terrence finds it hilarious.

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