Big Brother UK S09D03 (E4)

Last night 16 HM entered the BBUK house. Dale, Steph, Darnell and Rachel are in the kitchen. They haven’t gone to bed yet.

Steph says that Mario has two kids from a previous marriage. She doesn’t want any kids. She’s getting herself into trouble. Steph says that Mario is a nice guy. Darnell starts to laugh. It means that there isn’t a lot of passion in their relationship. Darnell says that it’s perfect BB script material.

At 10:15, Mikey, Dale, Rex, Mohamaed and Kath are up and getting breakie. Dale is helping Mikey. Lisa, Mario and Luke are in the garden. They are talking about the task. Lisa says that it’s hardest for her.

At 1:04 PM, some of the HM are at the sofas. Rex and Mohamed are quizzing Luke about his drinking habits. He doesn’t drink. Mikey is in the bedroom. Mikey is called to the diary room by BB. Mohamed helps him to the diary room. He says that when the HM got the rules and the tokens, the group was in total disarray. His favorite until now is Rachel.

That afternoon, Rebecca, Kath, Luke and Mikey are at sofas. Kath says that she wished that she spoke better English. She keeps saying “hilarious”. It’s a new word that she learned.

Mario is called into the diary room by BB. He is told that he has to propose to Steph. He’s got two hours to propose. She must accept. He can only tell Luke. If Steph declines, they are going to fail the task and face the public vote.

Some of the HM are in the living room. Alexandra and Steph are talking about Mario. Steph confides that she finds that Mario sticks to her like a leech. She mentions that she might break up with him.

Mario decides to do this in the pool. He has Luke get the other HM. Lisa is cleaning. Mohamed comes to get her. Lisa isn’t happy. Some of the HM have picked up on this.

BB has gathered the HM at the sofas. BB says that they will get married on Sunday in the BBUK house. They are called to the diary room. They have to sign official documents. BB tells them that if they don’t get married, they will get nominated.

Meanwhile, Darnell is suspicious. He shares his suspicions with Sylvia, Dale, Dennis and Alexandra. They don’t think that they are a real couple. Dennis is suspicious as well. Darnell says that it’s a hustle.

Steph starts to cry. She doesn’t trust Mario. She doesn’t want to marry him. Steph decides to go ahead.

Rachel is trying to convince Alexandra and Sylvia that it might be genuine.

Dennis, Alexandra, Sylvia and Dale come into the diary room. They share suspicions with BB. Dennis thinks that Steph is a bad actress. They don’t kiss. They are so awkward around each other. Dennis thinks Mario is gay.

At 7:18 PM, most of the HM are in the living room. Mikey makes a funny little speech. The HM make speeches to the couple. Dennis and Sylvia tell them that they are watching them.

Luke is in the diary room. He loves it. It was the best way to get into the house. Becky asked for some masking tape. BB tells him that she needs to ask for it herself.

At 8:20, most of the HM are in the living room. The marriage licenses are displayed one the fridge. Alexandra doesn’t believe them to be genuine. Sylvia and Steph are talking in the bedroom. Steph tries to convince her that it’s not a game, it’s real. Sylvia shared her suspicions. Dennis comes in and says that he thinks that it’s a task.

Later that night, some of the HM are in the living room. Jen is cleaning. She says that she enjoys cleaning.

Steph is in the diary room. She tells BB that some people are on to the fact that this might be a task. The ruse is still working since no one is suspecting that Mario and Lisa are a couple.

Luke, Mario and Lisa are talking about Steph. She’s making everyone suspicious.

HM have five tokens. Alexandra decided with the other HM to exchange one token for hot water.

Sylvia asked Darnell when he went to America. Darnell says that he made more of himself in two years in the UK than all of his life in America. It’s too easy to have things. He had a 5 bedroom house and didn’t have a job. He says that Americans don’t have that drive. He knew that when he came to the UK, if he didn’t work hard, he would be homeless.

Mario is sleeping in the luxury bedroom. Steph is asleep in the other bedroom. The HM are talking about them. Alexandra thinks that the task is going tits up. Alexandra doesn’t think that they are a couple. Mario is an actor. Steph isn’t an actress, ‘cause she sucks.

* * * * *

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