Big Brother UK S09D04 (E4)

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom.

Steph is taking a bath. Yesterday Mario proposed to Steph. The wedding is tomorrow.

Dennis, Rebecca and Rex are in the garden and they are talking about Steph. Dennis is still has doubts that they are a real couple.

Later Rex, Mohamed and Sylvia are in the garden. Rex shares some peas with them. Most of the other HM are in the kitchen and living room. Steph and Luke have come to the diary room. Luke tells Steph that Dennis, Sylvia and Alex don’t believe that they are a real couple. Steph says that she finds that Mario creeps her out.

Alex confronts Steph about how she behaves with Mario. Rebecca, Darnell, Dennis, Syliva, Mohamed, Rachel, Jen and Luke are there. Alex says that the ring is fake. It’s not a real ring, it’s a fake. Actually, the ring is real and is 0.50ct set in 18ct gold. Alex says that she will object to the wedding during the ceremony.

Lisa and Sylvia are talking about it.

Some of the HM are in the garden. Mohamed stubs his toe.

Luke, Alex, Dennis and Darnell are in the living room. Mario comes by says that if they think that it’s a sham, they shouldn’t come. Alex says that she will come and object. Mario talks to the other HM in the garden. He tells them the same thing.

Steph, Darnell, Kath and Dale are in the garden. Darnell says that he doesn’t see well. Not as bad Mikey, but still doesn’t see well.

Jen tells Dale that she doesn’t think that the wedding is real. She doesn’t know if she is going to the wedding.

Kath is called ot the diary room. I can barely understand her. She thinks that Mikey playing in the pool is hilarious. The proposal and wedding was bizarre. She learned dignity, except that she didn’t spell it right.

Rebecca, Dennis, Jen are at the sofas. Mikey, Sylvia, Kath, Mario and Dale are in the garden. Sylvia tells that she was in Sierra Leone during the war. She was a refugee. She was 10. She was with her brother. Her parents were in the UK.

BB announced that there will be a stag and hen party. Steph chose Kath, Lisa, Rebecca and Rachel to be her bridesmaids and attend her hen party. They go to a task room. It’s filled with wedding dresses and champagne.

Alex is unhappy that she wasn’t invited. Sylvia, Alex, Jen are called to the diary room. The rest of the HM will attend the stag party. Alex is complaining about her throat. She has been trying to get into the diary room for hours. It’s funny. Jen isn’t going to put on a bunny suit. BB says that it’s not compulsory, since it’s not a task. BB tells Alex that she needs to calm down. Sylvia agrees.

Mario chooses Mikey to be his best man. Mikey is called into the diary room. He’s upset that the girls haven’t dressed up as bunnies. He’s honored to be chosen as Mario’s best man. BB agrees to be a bunny girl. He asks Mikey to find two other people to be bunny girls. Dennis and Dale volunteer to dress up as bunnies.

At the hen party, Rebecca wants to strip.

Luke is in the diary room. He’s concerned that Steph is trying to sabotage the task.

Alex, Jen, Sylvia, Luke and Dale are in the diary room. Mikey, Dennis and Mario are in the bath. Mikey has got some thongs. He puts them on.

Sylvia says that they are hers. She’s shocked. Alex the bitch looks concerned. Luke doesn’t think that she wants them back. Sylvia is pissed off. Dale walks away. Alex starts to join in, Mario tells her to butt out. She needs to talk with Mikey.

Mikey told Sylvia to f*ck off. Sylvia tells him to f*ck off. Alex says not to bother, Mikey is disrespectful. She’s a bitch. Sylvia looks like she’s about to cry.

Dale, Sylvia and Rachel are in the bedroom. Dennis joins in. When questioned, Dale says that he fancies Jen. He doesn’t fancy Steph.

Rebecca, Alex, Kath, Mikey, and Lisa are in the ashtray. Alex continues to be a bitch. Mikey says that they were just messing around. Alex doesn’t really listen. She’s a bitch. Boy, is she a bitch. No one likes her. She says that she doesn’t respect him. She doesn’t give two shits about him. Mikey didn’t even know her name.

* * * * *

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