Big Brother UK S09D05 (E4)

Mario, Steph, Lisa and Luke failed their secret mission. Therefore they are nominated.

It was Mario’s birthday party. Lisa and Mario spent some private time together in the diary room.

Most of the HM are asleep. Mo and Mario are in the garden.

Luke and Steph are in the bedroom. Luke says that he thinks that Mario is on a secret mission in the secret mission. Luke doesn’t trust Mario. Steph doesn’t either. A few of the HM think that Dale and Steph are the secret couple in the house. Steph says that it’s good, since they aren’t figuring out that Mario and Lisa are a couple.

Some of the HM are in the garden. Mikey had an argument with Alex and Sylvia after he put her knickers on.

Alex still plans on objecting at the ceremony. When she walks into the kitchen, Mario starts singing “I see your true colors shinning through…” Alex retorts “Don’t start singing songs about me, ya f*cking twat!” It’s good TV.

Mario storms into the garden and says that the wedding is off. He has a little talk with Steph, who looks like a zombie. He freaks out about the way that she is acting. He tells her that the wedding is off.

I didn’t hear it, but Steph called him a f*cking git when he came into the house to help Mikey to make his breakie. Steph walks out of the bedroom and starts arguing with Mario. Mario says that he isn’t being talked to like a piece of shit.

Luke, Lisa and Mario are in the bedroom. Lisa tries to convince him to go through with the wedding. He makes it all about Mikey’s disability. Steph walks in and she wants to make up.

Mikey starts to cry. He doesn’t want the wedding called off because of him. Rachel, Lisa and Kath comfort him.

It’s time for the wedding. Jen looks hot. Sylvia isn’t bad either. Alex is just nasty. The wedding ceremony has started.

During the ceremony Alex objects. She says that it’s a sham. It’s not a lawful impediment to the completion of the marriage.

After the ceremony, Jen says that Lisa and Mario are the secret couple, after they were prompted by BB. Dennis says Dale and Steph. Rachel and Alex agree that Mario and Lisa are a couple. They had one minute. They tell BB. Bex suggests Rex and Lisa. Part of the HM passed the task. The HM are jubilant.

Alex needs to shut up. She’s a total bitch. But they need a bitch in the house. BB says that Lisa, Luke, Mario and Steph are nominated. The other HM are very happy. Steph is happy.

Dale, Sylvia, Steph and Mo are at the pool. Steph jumped into the pool with her “wedding” dress. Steph is happy that she can be herself. She’s been crying everyday in the diary room.

Mario and Lisa are in the diary room. Lisa thinks that Mikey will have a hard time with it.

Most of the HM are in the living room. Lisa and Mario are in the bedroom.

Mo is in the diary room. He was surprised that Mario and Lisa were a couple. He fell for part of the ruse. Mo initially thought that Lisa was a man. Mo likes Jen. He thinks that Dale is the competition for Jen’s attention. Mo says that he’s got better hair.

Later the HM are getting ready to play a game of truth or dare. Rachel asks Jen if she fancies Dale. She doesn’t say yes or no. She needs to get to know a bloke more to fancy him. She says that he’s a lovely bloke, but he’s not her type. He’s not the type of guy that goes for her, since she has a kid.

Lisa and Mario are in the garden. She says that Steph should get evicted. She’s been having a go at him ever since the truth came out. Mario says that he will probably get evicted.

The other HM are playing a game of truth or dare. Rex asks who would she go for. Lex says Mo. Sylvia says that her best position is doggie style. Becks is asked to get her snatch out and jump in the pool. She asks if she can keep her knickers on ‘cause she’s a bit of a shaven rash going on in her privates. Becks strips and jumps in the pool. Her boobs and thong show off her curvy body.

Lisa, Mario and Mikey are in the luxury bedroom. He doesn’t think that Alex is genuine. It’s obvious that she’s playing a game.

* * * * *

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