Jie An Palace In Shulin

Located on on the intersection of Baoan St. and Shusin Rd.. the Jie An Palace is hard to find when you are zipping along. However, when the temple gates are open, it’s hard to miss. This happened to me earlier this week.

Jie An Palace is located at the intersection between Section 1, Baoan Street and Shusin Road for the worship of Baoan God. In 1927, it was moved to its current location, which was repaired in 1978. Nowadays, it is a magnificent temple. Jie An Palace is simple and unsophisticated and solemn, and the temple is exquisitely carved.

The temple gates are extremely effective. If they are closed, it’s really hard to notice this beautiful and interesting temple. From my research, it was once a palace that has been converted to the worship of the god Baosheng.

The Jinan Temple situated on the Baoan Street is known as the “Dadaogong Temple or Tandi Temple,” the religious center for people in the Shulin area. There the main God enshrined is the Great Lord Baosheng. On his birthday on March 15th in the lunar calendar, each year, the grand procession and peace-praying activities are held as one of the major events in Shulin. For over 218 years, there have been historical building style designing, cutting and pasting, stele carving, and sculpting of the historical buildings—all made by carpenter Mr. Chen Ying-Bing of the Southern Fukian Province. On the day of the procession, the line from various parts of Shulin extends for hundreds of meters long. Worshipers pay tributes to Lord Baosheng wherever the God’s sedan passes by. This has been a grand local event.

Baosheng is a Taoist deity who was consecrated as the god of medicine and protector of lives by local people.

For two months every spring, the Taiwanese celebrate the birthday of Wu Ben, the God of Medicine. Also known as Baosheng Dadi, Wu Ben was a gifted and well-respected physician who lived 3,000 years ago. The Chinese worshipped him as a deity after he passed away, and built a temple in his honour – the Dalongdong Baoan (61 Hami St, Datong District). One of the three most important temples of Taiwan (alongside Longshan and Chingshan), people come here to pray for health and for the sick. During the festival, Baoan temple turns into a hub of celebration and action – from lion dances and fire-walking stunts to religious ceremonies and parades. A 3km-long procession of dancers, priests, pilgrims and colourful floats portraying legendary scenes will be led by a group of worshippers who throw themselves on the ground to be trampled on – a ritual believed to exorcise their bodies of spirits and illnesses.

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