Big Brother UK S09D06 (E4)

Luke is called in the diary room. He doesn’t think that things aren’t looking good. Luke thinks that Mario is on a secret mission. He makes himself look good by taking care of the gimp Mikey. Luke is aware of this and is suspicious.

Dale is playing with Jen in the pool.

Kath and Darnell are talking about discrimination with Mikey. Darnell talks about his experiences with girls. Darnell respects Sylvia for speaking up about what he did with her knickers.

Most of the HM are in the garden. Kath is giving Thai massages. Jen says that her dad looks like Alec Baldwin. Jen is talking about relationships. She’s not interested in casual relationships. She speaks like she’s 20 years older than him, but she’s only 4 months older. She is trying to find out if he is interested in serious relationships or just mucking around. Dale isn’t a womanizer. He’s had steady girlfriends. He’s passed some kind of strange test.

Rex and Luke are at the sofas. Kath is there as well. Alex is cleaning up. Rex is talking about kitchens. They used to have 2 kitchens. Alex says that she’s well spoken.

Alex is called to the diary room. BB wonders how she is doing in the BBUK house. She talks about her experience about having a child and tough love. She says that she’s become very dismissive because she had to fight for everything that she has or has accomplished.

Mo and Becks are at the ashtray. Lisa and Mario are called to the diary room. It’s Mario’s 43rd birthday. Lisa feeds him and gives him a little dance to “Eye of the Tiger”.

Rachel asks Jen if she goes for bad boys. Jen says that it’s not intentional. Dale is the opposite of what she usually goes for, but she’s quick to mention that she hasn’t gone for him at all.

Mikey is feeling his way around the house to discover and know his new environment. Mario has been in the diary for 48 minutes. They’ve consumed one bottle of champagne. They exit the diary room and everyone sings him a song. Well Steph doesn’t participate, neither does Dennis and a few other HM. They are mostly jealous of what happened. Darnell, Dale and Alex didn’t participate either.

Everyone is eating a dinner of chips and beans cooked by Rebecca. As usual, Alex isn’t happy with it. She wants to vote about who should prepare food.

Dennis, Sylvia and Alex are in the luxury bathroom. Dale joins them. They don’t like the other HM. Alex keeps calling them dickheads. Alex says that Jen sold them out. Alex says that Lisa looks like f*cking mutton. She hates Steph as well. Alex says that Lisa’s got a 19 year old daughter. If her mom would carry around like that, she’d slap her.

Mario, Mikey and Lisa are in the luxury bedroom.

Alex is carrying on in the living room and says that mucking about with food isn’t a good idea. Becks apologizes. She wanted to participate. Alex says that it was terrible. She tried and it was disgusting. Rex is a professional cook who can easily cater for 16 people.

Steph tries to defend Becks, but Alex pounces on her. She calls Steph a dickhead. The argument is making Rachel visibly upset. 30 minutes later, the argument continues at the ashtray. Alex is a terrible person. She is extremely stubborn and never listens. She’s got the gall to say that people don’t respect her, when she never respects anyone but herself. She’s got some form of a narcissistic personality disorder. Clearly she’s taking Charlie’s place in BB. She’s extremely argumentative and doesn’t shut up. Unlike Charlie, she doesn’t realize what she’s doing and believes that she’s doing everything right.

Later, Rachel is crying in the diary room. Alex just called Steph simple. Alex tells Steph that she should get a book and find out what “ready” means, ‘cause she will never be ready. She’s just a prat. If she’s nominated, Alex will be evicted for sure. People already hate her.

Rachel reasons that she was bullied by Alex. In fact a lot of HM are bullied by Alex’s nasty mouth.

At 1:03AM, some of the HM are in the bedroom talking. Rex, Darnell and Mo are having a good time.

Rachel and Becks are talking in the garden. Rachel is still emotional. Dale, Jen, Alex and Sylvia are in the kitchen. Sylvia and Alex are talking about Rachel. Sylvia goes over to eavesdrop. She’s a pawn for Alex. Rachel tells Sylvia that Alex was being too aggressive. Sylvia says that she isn’t aggressive. Sylvia thinks that Becks burned the chips on purpose to look stupid on TV. Where the hell is she getting this?

Dale and Jen are at the sofas. They are talking about body language. Dale explains that they are both very open with their body-language. They want to converse. If his hands are crossed, then his body-language wouldn’t be as open.

BB has called Alex to the diary room. BB calls her out for bullying Becks. Alex calls bullying silly. As far as she is concerned, there was no bullying. BB tells her that there need to be boundaries. She keeps talking back to BB. BB isn’t going to take it. BB tells her to be aware of this in her dealings with other HM. She goes to the luxury bedroom and goes to bed.

I wasn’t that aggressive, I was sat down.
Alex to BB.

* * * * *

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