Big Brother Australia S08D045 (Channel Ten)

Terri tells Travis that last night she didn’t clean up as she usually does. She wanted to see what happen. No one cleaned up.

Ben is making some oats. He says that everyone stays up late to keep Nob company, and he just wakes up in the afternoon. Alice is on the treadmill. Travis says that he has learned that he needs to stand up for himself.

The Nobster gets up. Ben wonders when Trav will get over this. Trav says that it will take time, he’s never been put in this situation.

The talk turns to hair straighteners. Bianca starts to swear a lot. She isn’t happy about her hair.

Ben tells Nobby that Travis is starting to bother him. He doesn’t like being kept at arms length. Nobby still doesn’t understand what they have done. Ben is convinced that he misunderstood. Travis doesn’t believe them anymore. Nobby isn’t apologetic. Ben wants to have another talk with Travis. The Nobster says that he will talk gibberish to Terrence to shut him up about his stories. He tests it out and it kind of works.

Bianca is getting a fake haircut from Terrence.

Nob laughs at Brigitte and says that she’s going out with Cherry or flirting with him. She throws a hula-hoop at him and he drops his food. The Nob tells Ben that Brig has a boyfriend. They are kind of on a trial basis.

Each week, the HM are given some gold coins to buy stuff from the vending machines. Nobs is in charge of the budget. He decides to get Brigitte’s party dress. The girls want the hair straightener. They go for a bedroom make over. Nobs goes for the football, a Frisbee and some chocolate. It was an idiotic choice. He should have gone for something useful instead of the chocolate. We all know that Nobster is a nob.

The girls are upset about the hair straightener.

The Nobster doesn’t care about the hair straightener, even when the majority of the house wanted it. Rory would have gotten it. Bianca is in the house crying about it.

Alice is talking with Brigitte about what Nobs thinks about her. She finds it hard because he’s so influential. Brig says that Nobs is playing the game.

Brig gets Bianca to help her to tell Nob that they can’t talk about her and flirting. It would wreck her life back home. Nobs doesn’t believe her. He suspects that she has got a boyfriend back home, but she wrote that she was single on her application form.

Nobs continues with talking gibberish to Terrence. It’s working.

Terrence is snoring too much. Rhianna is snoring as well. It’s keeping Bianca up. The other girls are up as well. Alice and Bianca are in the lounge.

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