Big Brother Australia S08D046 (Channel Ten)

Brig wakes up and tells Travis that he says weird stuff in his sleep.

Nob is probing Rory about what he has done with Rhianna. Nob asks him if he made out with her in the bed. He says that he didn’t. The Nobster wants him to do more with her. Rory doesn’t want to have his advice. Nob is being a nob and trying to stir up more trouble.

The Nobster continues talking gibberish with Terrence when he starts talking. Rory just leaves.

The boys are shaving their legs. Travis shaves his legs as well. He’s got very hairy legs. Brig can’t believe that he’s so hairy. For someone with such a high voice, its surprising that he’s so hairy. I’d expect the little girly-man to be quite smooth.

Cherry and Nob are talking about Rhianna. They don’t like her. Cherry doesn’t find her hot.

Cherry says that she doesn’t like Rory. She likes Ben. She thinks that Ben is the hottest. She’s only hanging around Rory to get closer to Ben, or something along these lines. It’s taken Cherry a long while to come clean. Nobs doesn’t know what to say, but he’ll use it as ammo later on.

BB calls Rhianna to the diary room.

The Nob questions Rory about Rhianna. Rory says that she’s the type of girl that he’d go in the outside world. Rory says that he doesn’t or won’t consider Rhianna his girlfriend. It’s just fun.

Rhianna isn’t that hot. Renee was hotter.

Rhianna gets all dressed up. The Nobs is surprised. Ben and Nobs thinks that it’s a joke and ridiculous.

It’s time for the family dinner. The HM’s first topic is about the hair straightener. Cherry says that they didn’t get it because Nobs told everyone that he wouldn’t get it. Also, Rhianna has been desperate for one for weeks. Nobs just finds it funny to see her squirm. She whinges about it constantly.

Has the perception of Nobs changed? Brig says that Nobs is just a giant creep. Travis says that the trust they had in his relationship has just wiped away. Terri starts talking about Alice and Travis. Alice wants the conversation dropped. Cherry says that Rhianna is being fake. Terrence says that Brig is being fake.

Rory finds it funny that Cherry went after Rhianna. He wants to tell Cherry that it’s no problem.

Terrence is talking with Brig. She wasn’t happy about being called fake. He tells her to lift her game. He implies that she is stupid. He is being an asshole.

Rory, Cherry and Nobs are talking about Rhianna.

Renee decided that Brig wouldn’t get a message from home. The HM get a video message from home.

Midway through the messages, Brigitte goes to the diary room to protest. BB tells her to leave the diary room. She kicks over the batteries and leaves. She plans on sitting in the door. BB tells her to move away.

Ben cries like a little girl when he sees his message.

Terrence got a message from his three boys, but nothing from his wife. He’s worried.

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