Big Brother UK S09D07 (E4)

The HM are going to get electric shocks for part of the task. Is it me, or is Zezie rubbish as a BBLB presenter. Dermot was just so much better. Chris Moyles is a bit rubbish as well as this week’s BBBM presenter. Jack Whitehall was great.

The house is already split into two camps. Mario and Lisa are the leads with Mikey. Kath, Steph, Luke, Rachel and Becks. The others are lead by Alex and Sylvia. They have attracted Mo, Rex, Darnell, Dennis, Jen, Dale. This was the situation in the first few days. However, Alex is just too strong of a leader. She attacked people in her own group, which led some people to splinter away from her. Mario estranged some people also by carrying on about the task, deceiving his allies.

The new group is formed by Steph, Becks, Jen, Dale and Rachel. They are the floaters. It’s a real high school mentality.

Alex really looks like a donkey. She’s butt ugly with a butt ugly personality.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Last night Alex was involved in an argument about the way Bex cooked some chips.

Rachel wants to talk with Alex, but she dismisses her. She’s getting dressed. She doesn’t want to be belittled. Sylvia tells Alex that Rachel wants to explain how she felt. Alex doesn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t care. Alex isn’t going to listen to her. Sylvia is trying to convince her to listen. She doesn’t look awake.

Later, some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Darnell, Rex, Rachel and Steph are in the bedroom. Bex has been called to the diary room. She doesn’t understand why Alex is so aggressive with her.

Kath is getting obsessed about cookies. She hasn’t had any in a while. She has some from her little jar. She tries to savor it. It looks like she’s having an orgasm.

The rest of the HM are in the garden. Mario wants to have a house meeting. Mario goes on about health and safety. It doesn’t really lead to anything.

Today’s task will measure how long each HM can hold a board above their head. They are all wearing lycra suits. They are unaware that the winning HM will be responsible for shopping budget tomorrow.

Steph is the first one out. Luke is out. Mario is the next one out. Kath, Dale are out next. Lisa, Mo, Rex and Rachel are the only HM left in the task. Rex is out.

Lisa, Dennis and Rachel are still in the task. The winning HM will receive special privileges.

Alex is pissed because Mo took one of her fags. She’s a bitch. Everyone agrees.

Dennis and Rachel win the task. They are called to the diary room. Alex is eating something in the kitchen. They will be getting a picnic to share between themselves in the garden. They will get more info on the next part of their task.

Jen wonders why Alex is eating by herself. Rex calls her a hypocrite because they just had a meeting about this and agreed that everyone should eat together.

Darnell starts to shout at Jen. She tells him to shut up and not shout at her. She tells him that he’s been in the group, he tries drive splinters into the group cohesion. He doesn’t have proper conversations with her. He is inapproachable. He sulks like a 5 year old. He almost loses control and has to run away.

Rex is going on about Alex indiscretion about food. She puts herself apart from the group, the rules don’t apply to her. Rex is pissed. Darnell comes back in. He continues to argue with Jen. She persists in saying that he is inapproachable and aloof. He tells her that he doesn’t know anything about her and that she’s hot. Jen says that let’s start afresh.

Lisa and Mario are talking about Alex. Mario says that she is playing a game, because she isn’t mean to Lisa. Sylvia, Steph, Luke and Dale are talking about Alex. She’s got anger management issues. Sylvia says that she can’t deal with this. It’s draining her. Sylvia likes Alex, but it just gets too much sometimes.

Alex is talking to BB. She complains about her fags. A few people took her fags and smoked them. Alex should learn how to talk properly and get a real education. She can’t talk and doesn’t read. She should pick up a book and start reading.

BB tells her that this is a HM issue and she should resolve it with the HM. She wants BB to tell her who smoked her fags. BB doesn’t comply.

All of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Jen, Sylvia and Dale are talking about eyebrows. Darnell says that he hasn’t been himself. This has brought out the worst of him. They have been in the bedroom for a while. The HM are unaware that Rachel and Dennis will be responsible for the shopping budget. Dennis and Rachel won a picnic in the garden by themselves.

The food is making people jealous. Bex screams that they shouldn’t start eating until they are told to. Dennis is seeing ghosts and conspiracies. He thinks that whatever they touch and eat they won’t get on their shopping budget. He’s mad.

HM have decided to hold their own BB talent show. Dennis is doing splits on the table. Sylvia knows how to shaker her booty. Jen and Steph are in the walk-in closet getting ready for their number.

Kath is eating pretend cookies. Luke says that she’s lost it. Mario tells Jen and Steph that he thinks that it’s degrading, what they are planning to do.

Mario starts arguing with Steph. He calls her hemorrhoid. Lisa is giving Mario a massage. Mario says that he was talking with Jen and telling her his opinion on dressing slutty.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom talking about Steph. Alex says that she was having an argument with Steph. They are talking down on about her.

Jen is in the diary room. She’s crying. She is always so serious in real life because she’s a mother. When Mario said that it was degrading, she looked herself in the mirror and was very embarrassed about what she was planning to do. She’s sick about the arguments. It’s hard to get on with people you don’t really like. She doesn’t like Darnell and Mario. Mario is too arrogant. There is no form of conversation with him.

Jen comes out of the diary room. Alex and Sylvia are comforting her. That is surprising. Sylvia starts to cry as well. Jen starts to cry again as well. Dennis and Darnell jump on the comfort wagon as well.

Dale, Kath and Jen are in the bathroom. Kath wants to scream. Her need for cookies is just too great. She goes to the diary room. Jen tells Dale that BB was asking questions about him. She feels calm and relaxed around Dale.

Kath says that she misses cookies a lot. She hasn’t had any cookies for 24 hours. She has to save the cookies that she has left for the bad times ahead. She wants more cookies so that she can share them with the others. BB tells her he won’t be giving her any cookies. She starts to scream cookies very loudly. It’s funny.

* * * * *

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