Big Brother UK S09D08 (E4)

If the HM pass the shopping task, they will get 5 £ per HM per day. If they fail they will only get 1 £ per HM per day. Rachel and Dennis have to guide a wand around a long steady hand wire track. Each time they touch the edges, the HM will get a shock.

In order to pass this week’s task, the HM can’t incur more than 3 fails. The HM aren’t happy. Rachel and Dennis have chosen Rex to assist them during this task.

It doesn’t take long for the HM to receive their first shock. A few minutes later, the HM get a few more shocks. Kath isn’t happy. Rex and Dennis are laughing it off. Kath starts to fake/real cry. I’m not sure which it is. The HM thought that they would only get 3 shocks. That wasn’t the case. They must have gotten 12 shocks or more at least. It’s really funny. Dennis and Rachel can’t help themselves. They keep touching the track.

The HM will obviously fail the task. The HM are on their 8th attempt. Steph is in the diary room. She’s complaining. The HM receive about 6 shocks in a row. It’s hilarious. Kath is crying. Jen comes out and tries to tell them that they need to finish quickly. People are crying.

The HM want to give up. They can’t handle the shocks anymore. The HM get another shock. Rachel and Dennis are called in the house. They give it another try. They come back inside.

Alex and Sylvia take off their suits. Alex starts swearing at Rex for asking her if a strong woman like her can’t take any shocks. He calls her a baby. She insults her as well. She goes aside and starts to talk trash with Sylvia. Rex doesn’t back down. He tells her that she doesn’t know how to have a conversation. He calls her a failure. He says that she sucks. Righto!

By removing their outfits, Alex and Sylvia have incurred two fails for the group. Dennis and Rachel continue with the task. Kath comes to the diary room. She’s crying. It hurts too much.

Alex continues to justify her desisting from the task. She makes fun of Rex. She’s a total bitch. She talks behind his back and continues her rant.

Kath says that she will continue for her friends. She says that she’s ready to go home. Rex wants some smokes. Darnell goes to get him some. He tries to get Alex’s lighter. Alex tells Darnell to tell Rex to f*ck off.

The HM are on their 15th try. They’ve got 4 minutes left. They’ve successfully guided the wand through ¾ of the track.

Alex laughs and Sylvia joins in. They find the others’ efforts and pain funny. It is funny, but it’s uncalled for. Rex, Steph and other HM try to give them help. Steph is just talking too much and they fail once again. Dennis and Rachel fail to reach the end of the track. They will receive a basic shopping budget of 1 £ per HM per person.

Mo tells Sylvia that she should have tried a bit harder. Mo says that Kath tried harder than her. Sylvia says that she couldn’t do it.

Alex tries to comfort Dennis by the ashtray. Steph comes in to tell him that he did his best. He’s crying. Steph tries to comfort him. Alex uses the opportunity to bitch and try to justify why she abandoned. They start arguing. Rex tries to use Alex’s lighter. She grabs it back. She’s getting aggressive. Rex tells her to stop being aggressive. Other HM arrive and they wallow in their misery. Dennis and Rachel hug.

Some of the HM are in the bathroom. Darnell says that they have to start buying hot water now. They have to get the tokens. Sylvia realizes that it’s going to be a problem.

Alex comes to the diary room. She complains about Rex and her lighter. She starts to cry. She’s insane. She calls it a violation. She’s a drama queen.

Sylvia and Luke are at the sofas. They are talking about food.

Alex makes a whole speech to Rex about how her things are her things and she doesn’t want anyone else touching them. She’s just being petty, because Rex is the only one that stood up to her bullying.

Some of the HM are in the bathroom. Steph says that Bex’s tits are huge. Dale is in the diary room. He wants to apologize for spitting his dummy out. Alex, Lisa and Mario are talking about Steph at the dining table. They say that she was disrespectful to Mario. They demean her. They say that Steph doesn’t really wash everyday and she stinks. She doesn’t make much of an effort to look good. She looks run down most of the time.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Jen is talking about female fan bases.

Rachel, Bex and Darnell are in the bathroom.

Rex is in the diary room. He thought that it was a brilliant task, but it was a bit too hard. He says that not all HM thought that it was a great task. Alex puts forth a strong face, but is really weak. He hasn’t got much of a relationship with her.

Kath comes to the diary room. She says that she feels better.

Rex and Steph are in the bedroom. She says that she would love to stay till the end. Steph says that they other HM make her look bitchy.

* * * * *

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