Big Brother UK Eviction Night S09D09 (E4)

Davina goes into the studio and addresses the HM. She uses her usual line. You are live on Channel 4, please do not swear. She reveals that the first person evicted is Steph.

Steph starts to cry a bit. She hugs her HM.

Davina talks with the HM again. She tells Steph that it’s time to go. She exits the house and is greeted with some cheers mixed in with some boos. The crowd is loud and starts to boo her even more. She almost falls down some steps. She poses for the tabloids and leaves with Davina.

Steph says that she’s gutted to have been evicted. Steph says that the first task was horrendous. Davina says that she didn’t make enough of an effort in the task. She didnte put any effort into the task, that’s she’s out.

They talk about Alex. Steph says that she’s not afraid of her, but she makes things awkward. She does have an effect on the house. She had an argument with her about chipgate. She thinks that Alex and Mario will be nominated. Steph thinks that there is some chemistry between Jen and Dale. Steph thinks that Sylvia is a good person. She’s intimidated by Alex. She made friends with her in the beginning and had to stick with her. She’s often the mediator between Alex and the other HM.

Steph thinks that Mario is babying Mikey. He’s holding Mikey back.

* * * * *

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