Big Brother UK S09D09 (E4)

Zezie is terrible as the co-host of BBLB. She needs to be taken out!

When Davina appears, the crowd starts chanting “get Alex out”. They hate her.

Luke and Mario are cooking something. In the bathroom, Jen says that she’s got nothing against Steph. She just thinks that what you see is what you get. Pretty pathetic.

Jen doesn’t think that Steph is a game player. Dennis thinks that Mario is a game player. Jen agrees. She doesn’t like how they stare at Dale and her.

Yesterday, the HM lost the shopping task. They have one hour to complete their list. All of the HM assemble. The HM start arguing about alcohol. Jen thinks that they shouldn’t buy any alcohol.

Bex is in the diary room. She wants a PBJ sandwich.

Jen and Steph are talking in the luxury bedroom. Jen thinks that Mario is going to be evicted. Jen doesn’t like Mario.

Kath is giving Sylvia a massage. Jen cleaned the toilets. Kath jokes around that she should go an poo-poo.

Mario and Lisa are in the garden. Mario says that Rex is using the cooking to please the HM. He’s working them.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Bex is trying to do a worm. Sylvia tries to do one, and it doesn’t work.

Kath thinks that either Luke or Steph are going to go. She’s talking with Jen in the bathroom.

Mikey is in the diary room. He thinks that there are too many cooks. Alex is trying to egg on Sylvia. Dennis has to be the center of the task. He thinks that it has to do with the smoking.

Rex, Steph and Mo are at the ashtray. The rest of the HM are in the living room. HM were given the opportunity to buy BB’s prize. They are getting some moonshine and a record voucher to exchange for a song. The HM are going nutty when they go into the storeroom. Denni is dancing around with the song. Bex starts to scream as well. It’s mad. Mario, Kath and Mikey are sitting apart.

Rex and Luke are in the kitchen. Luke is nervous about tomorrow. Luke is surprised with how much influence the public has.

Dennis is in the diary room. Even though he doesn’t like Mario that much, he wouldn’t wish it upon him to be the first evictee. He wants Steph to leave.

Mario, Lisa and Luke are in the living room. Mario accuses him of using strategy to solidify his place in the house. Actually, he only tells him, he doesn’t accuse him of anything. Luke says that it’s between Mario and Steph. Rachel stops buy and immediately leaves after a few seconds. Lisa and Mario think that Steph has been trying to turn the HM against Mario.

All of the HM are in the living room. The HM get a song. It’s some pop song. Most of the HM dance. Alex is barely moving. Mario is doing a clapping dance. Jen is looking hot as usual. Sylvia is moving her bum.

Mo, Kath, Dale, Sylvia, Alex, Mikey and Jen are in the living room drinking moonshine. Jen says that Dale is too wet for her.

Steph is at the ashtray crying. Luke joins her. She doesn’t want anyone to know. Steph is going to be upset if he leaves.

Most of the HM are in the living room. Darnell starts to rap to Rex’s beat. Alex is trying to make people shut up. Sylvia is gyrating. The HM look like they are having fun. Darnell is happy about freestyling his rhymes. It’s not that impressive. They had fun.

The crowd starts to shout “get Alex out” again.

The HM wuickly finished the moonshine. Steph, Bex, Kath, Sylvia and Rex are in the bathroom. They are all in the bath.

Alex and Mo are in the diary room. Alex wants Steph to go. Mo agrees. They are having fun. Mo implies that he wants to screw her. Alex thinks that they all had a great time tonight. They are laughing it off.

Most of the HM are in the bathroom.

Later, Steph and Rex are still in the tub by themselves. Most of the others are in the living room. Mario and Lisa are in the luxury bedroom. Rex tells Steph that she won’t leave. Lisa and Mario are talking about the possibility of being separated.

Sylvia asks Rex how it was in the tub with Steph. Dale says that they are grilling him and leaves. Jen thinks that he’s wrong, but he doesn’t care.

Steph is in the diary room. She thinks that it’s between her and Luke.

Jen and Dale are in the bathroom flirting a bit.

Some of the HM are in luxury bedroom dancing. Mario is sleeping. Rex and Steph are in the bedroom. There is some awkwardness between them because they both fancy each other and they don’t know if they should do anything more. It doesn’t help that he’s got a girlfriend on the outside and that he was just reminded of this by some of the girls.

* * * * *

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