Big Brother Australia S08D047 (Channel Ten)

Terrence is still worried about not getting a message from his wife. He didn’t sleep much. Alice is on the treadmill.

Rhianna asks Cherry why he hates him. Cherry says that he just hates some of her traits. He keeps repeating that he hates her.

Terri comes to see BB. She doesn’t want Rory to end up with Rhianna. She doesn’t know how to cook, and Terri finds it pitiful.

Rhianna doesn’t know how to use the stove. She’s got a giant double chin. Maybe she should stop eating junk food.

Brig comes out. She’s looking for something. The broom. Terrence has hidden it somewhere. Nobs says that Brig is very cold. That’s like the kettle calling the pot black. Rory says that she’s pretty stupid. She walks back out and Nobs tells her that she’s being a bitch. Brig says that he’s a liar. She doesn’t care what she thinks.

Nobs says that he’s sick of being nice to her. Nice? He doesn’t really know what that means.

Ben is talking about family with Bianca.

Brig is cleaning the bedroom. It’s filthy.

Rhianna says that she doesn’t see herself getting married ever. Ben asks her if that’s because she’s shit at relationships. She has mentioned that her longest relationship was 2 weeks.

Rhianna goes to the diary room. She says that Cherry is horrible and mean.

Brig says that she won’t make up with Nobs. She doesn’t even understand why Travis talks with him. Travis says that this situation will be easier if everyone is friends in the house. She says that she’s not being mean, she’s just going to ignore him. Speaking of Nobs, he’s on top of the tree and his mates are singing a Kombi van song.

Cherry comes in and says that it’s easy not to talk to someone. It’s easy. Brigitte agrees. Cherry does the same with Rhianna.

Rory comes to the diary room. He doesn’t think that anything will happen with Rhianna on the outside world.

Cherry tells Nobs and Ben that he will cut Rhianna down immediately if she talks with him. He can’t believe that she can’t cook or use an oven. Ben says that she hasn’t talked with him.

Meanwhile, Rhianna tells Travis that she doesn’t care about Cherry not liking her. He hates her after a week and she thinks that he’s judgmental.

Ben says that he’s fallen for a girl who doesn’t have a personality.

Over the past week, Nobs keep speaking gibberish when Terrence comes to talk to him. He is trying to freak Nobs completely out. You can see that Nobby is losing it.

Brig tells Alice that Rory is so protective of Nobs. They all have their little gang.

Friday Night Live

It’s Friday the 13th‘s FNL. Tonight is all about eating gross stuff. That’s great. Terrence is out of the competition because of a neck injury.

Ben, Rory, Rhianna, Bianca, and Travis will compete against the Nob, Cherry, Terri, Alice and Brig in the first round.

The first round is an obstacle course. Ben isn’t guiding his team well. They are all riding a broom. It doesn’t look like they are trying too hard. Nobbi’s team easily wins this round. Through the luck of the draw, Rory is back in the competition. Alice, Brig and Cherry will compete against Rory, Nobs and Terri.

Supposedly all three intruders will be nominated this week.

Bree eats a spoonful of wasabi. Yikes! Nobs will love that.

The next round is Freddy vs Jason. The game involves going on a slippery pole. It’s funny. The HM have to be in the opposing team’s zone. They didn’t come close. They go into a tiebreaker. It’s Cherry vs Rory. Cherry, Alice and Brig are through to the next round.

The 3 losing HM with the loudest screams will be back in the games. Nobs, Travis, Terri are back in. Nobs, Travis, and Brig compete against Cherry, Terri and Alice.

Renee joins them on stage.

The next round involves making a Madonna kebab. Terri, Alice and Cherry compete. Cherry has to drag the Terri kebab all over the place. Nobbi’s team isn’t very fast. Brig pours sauce all over the place so that Nob can drag Travis to the end.

Nob, Travis and Brig are through to the next round.

Fitzy tries to eat a bit of tongue but is unsuccessful.

The next round involves a giant game of penguin bowling. Nobs score 11pts. Travis scores 9 pts. Brig scores 8 pts. In frustration, Brig kicks and assaults one of the penguins. It lands on Bianca. It’s hilarious.

In the final, it’s Travis vs Nobs.

Mike is unsuccessful at eating a piece of sheep’s brain. He spits it out. The first course is a spoonful of wasabi. Both succeed. The second course is sheep’s brain. The Nobster swallows them whole. Travis follows suit. He almost barfs. In the next round, the HM can no longer drink water to down the food. The next round is ox’s tongue. The Nob is trying to psych Travis out, but the HM are encouraging him to win. He does it easier than Nob. The next course is bull’s testicles. Nob swallows them whole once again. Travis barfs. The fifth course is a fisheye. Travis can’t swallow it. He spits it back out.

The Nobster wins FNL. He is called to the diary room. He remains HOH. He won the power to change evictions. He also gets a mystery prize. He will get to see the Great Zohan from Adam Sandler with Ben, Rory, Travis.

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