Big Brother Australia Eviction S08D049 (Channel Ten)

Kyle is back after being absent for a few weeks. He didn’t have a heart attack or plastic surgery, he was sick, supposedly. I thought that he was just fired. Oh well, doesn’t really matter.

Kyle and Jackie O reveal that tonight BB will tell the HM more about this year’s prize money. It involves a sort of scavenger hunt for a chest. This chest contains a riddle. If they can solve it, they will be able to find the prize money.

The Nob tells his HM that he saved himself. He knows that if he doesn’t win FNL, he will be evicted. Terrence, Alice, Rhianna and Cherry are nominated. Someone in the audience screams, “it’ll be alright Rory!”

Terrence has his Johnson out every time he showers. It’s pretty disgusting to the younger HM. It’s pretty gross. He’s got a little wanker that looks boiled.

The voting is pretty close. 36.3% against 33.2%. I think that one of the intruders that will be evicted. Either Terrence or Rhianna.

The winner of BBAU will receive AU250000$ as prize money. The money is somehow hidden in the BBAU house.

Cherry is safe. Rhianna is evicted. Yes! Sitting around and doing nothing doesn’t mean that you can stay in the BBAU house.

Cherry will no doubt get the hand grenade tomorrow night. Some of the Kombi van boys might receive it as well, since they have been talking behind her back.

Rhianna got 37.7% of the vote. The next person got 32.4%. OMG Rhianna is crying a lot. She’s annoying. She gets a phone, mobile broadband, an exotic trip.

The HM are addressed by BB. He tells them that a clue is buried in the backyard. The HM are going to be digging throughout the night.

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