Big Brother Australia S08D050 (Channel Ten)

The HM are getting ready to dig. The Nobster is the foreman. Each HM will find a jigsaw piece in their lanes. Nobs will then assemble it on the stage. Once they have the puzzle assembled, they will be able to find a target area to dig in. They have to dig deep. There will be a lot of water as well.

The HM take a break. It’s time for the HM hand grenade. The person who is designated by the hand grenade will be the housekeeper. It’s Cherry. He has to clean up after meals, clean the kitchen and the bathrooms. He’s pissed. It’s funny.

Cherry comes to the diary room. He hates Rhianna. BB says that he has to clean both toilets every day. He also has to clean up after meal.

Rory tells BB that Cherry just got a bit of karma back. After four hours, Rory finds something. It’s the chest. It contains a sowing kit, some scissors and some other little things. It contained a note.

Use the tools found in the chest to find the prize. The prize is the house, where the HM have met their doom. In the lounge. It’s where you place your bum. The HM want to rip the sofas up. BB tells them that it’s not in the sofas. They go to the diary room. The money was in the diary room chair. They all have 25K$. The only way to lose the money is to get evicted. When they leave, they will give their money to the HM of their choice.

The HM are all in bed. Terrence decides that he wants to talk with the Nobs. He’s sorry that Bianca got the grenade. She has to be the last HM to go to bed. She is the nightwatchman. Nobs tells Terrence that he’s been talking rubbish to him for a week.

The garden looks a mess. The next morning, Travis has got give BB his breakie. BB tells Cherry that he’s got to clean the toilets now.

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