Big Brother UK S09D10 (E4)

Steph is worried about how she looks. Alex is worried about how much food is left. They think that Mo is to blame. Mo is having a giant breakie. Rex has a talk with Mo. Alex wants to split from the group and buy her own food. She doesn’t want to share with the group. Mo had cereal, three eggs and a can of spaghetti with mushrooms and onions.

Dennis comes back inside. Mo is upset because he thinks that Dennis is talking behind his back. Dennis talks with him. He says that he didn’t have any eggs. Mo doesn’t want to eat it anymore. Before this all went down, he warned Mario off his food. He’s just being very selfish.

Rex, Mo, Lisa and Mario are in the garden. Kath and Mikey are in the luxury bedroom. Kath asks him how he tells when clothes are dirty. He doesn’t really know. She wants to help him.

Alex, Dennis and Sylvia are talking. Alex thinks that Rex will try and pick them off one after the other. Alex is annoyed with Mo and Rex. Mo with his food eating. She doesn’t like Steph. Alex can’t take Rex’s food dictatorship.

BB has delivered suitcases to Lisa, Mario, Luke and Steph. Some HM are in the bedroom. They are talking about what happens after BB. Darnell says that he could see Bex and Rex in the papers.

Sylvia is in the diary room. She doesn’t want Luke to go. She says that she gets along well with Dennis and Alex. However she’s wary of the way that Alex deals with conflict. She’s in a difficult position. Sometimes it’s Alex and Sylvia against the group, and she doesn’t want it to be this way.

It’s eviction night and Luke is very nervous. Rex tells Steph that she looks gorgeous. Steph is evicted. Some of the HM are crying. Mario and Lisa tell Mikey that they are very popular people. They know a lot of people all over the country. Dennis tells them that he heard that people were cheering for them. Mario says that they have got a fanclub back home.

Mario says that Jen and Darnell never congratulated them on staying. Mario continues to talk about his fanclub that he has back home. He’s an idiot.

BB asks for one HM to come to the diary room. Alex goes. BB offers them to exchange a token for alcohol.

Sylvia talks with Jen. She’s trying to get an alliance going. She tells Jen that they others are trying to get her out. Sylvia says that she doesn’t want to do this, however she does like Dennis and Alex. Amidst the screams and cheers for alcohol, Jen and Sylvia go to the bathroom to talk. Alex and Dennis have told Sylvia that Rex and Mo have formed an alliance to get them out.

Jen says that she genuinely liked Steph. She doesn’t think that she’s two-faced. Sylvia likes them, but she doesn’t want to get involved. Out of all of the people, they would want Mario to go. Sylvia just wants to remove herself from this.

Rachel and Alex are talking to Mikey. They don’t want to seem patronizing to him. They both think that Mario is patronizing to Mikey.

Dennis and Sylvia are in the living room toilet. They are talking about Alex.

Jen is in the diary room. She thought that Mario or Lisa would have gone. She’s shocked that Steph gone. People are talking about alliances. She doesn’t really see the point. Apart from Mario, she likes all of the HM. She’s confused.

Dale and Jen are in the kitchen. She’s not looking happy. He asks her what’s up. She says that she doesn’t know who she can trust. Dennis says that you can’t know who to trust. Sylvia says that she just told Dennis that she’s not getting involved. Dennis told her that he knows that Alex isn’t genuine.

Sylvia tells Dale about the plots that they see. Rex, Mo and Steph had an alliance to get rid of Sylvia, Jen, Alex, Dale and Dennis. How can this be a threat, since they are so many more people? That’s what she told Jen.

Mo sucks Rex’s dick. The girls laugh at his comment. He gets along well with Rex, but sometimes he pisses him off. Dale tells Jen that she told him that she didn’t know if she should trust him. Jen tries to justify the way that she thinks. Dale says that he told her already the way that he feels and what he thinks about her. He can’t distance himself from these feelings. Jen saying that she wasn’t talking about him, she was talking about the other people. Sylvia asks him if it’s because Dale likes Jen? Dale says that everyone knows it. He likes her likes her. Sylvia tries to play the matching game. Jen leaves. She can’t have this conversation.

Jen is in the luxury bedroom crying.

Lisa and Mario are in the diary room. Lisa says that they were saved by the public because they were themselves.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Bex and Dennis jump into Luke’s bed. They get underneath the covers and make him uncomfortable. Most of the HM are asleep at 3:08 AM. Dale and Jen are on the sofas. Jen wants to know what her flaw is. Dale says that her mindset is her flaw. Her attitude about things in life. They started the conversation far off. A few moments in, Jen comes a lot closer. Dale strokes her hair. Dale says that she seems a bit like a princess.

* * * * *

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