Big Brother Australia S08D054 (Channel Ten)

The Nobster is losing friends fast because he is trying to sabotage the fake task. He filled the boat up with water. Ben and Travis fail to escape the shark. Travis says that he’s really going to smash Nobs.

Terrence says that they shouldn’t take any food out for Nobs for the rest of the week. Rory tells Nobs that if they fail the task, the other HM will bring out any food for him. All meals will be inside as well. Nobs doesn’t care.

Terrence stands guard at the boat to prevent any future interference. While Nobby is kipping, Terrence is bouncing the football outside his Kombi van to keep him awake.

The Nobster is an ass. He continues to try and sabotage the task. He jumps into the boat and the boys hip him over. They also torture him a bit. All of the HM gang up on him to get him out of the boat, but he’s too strong. Rory finally gets him out. They miss another row.

Ben asks Bianca if he should shave. She says that he should leave it like this for now, but shave it when it takes too long.

Cherry wonders if Brig is engaged. She has a ring on and never takes it off. He talks to Brig about it. She says that her mom gave it to her. He tells her that he thinks that a boy gave it to her.

Ben is helping Bianca straighten her hair.

Bianca recruits Terri and Brig. Travis overhears a bit.

Ben tells Nobs that the whole house hates him. They haven’t been coming out to talk to him or spend any time with him.

Terri is a total racist bitch. She wonders how Nobs can see out of his eyes. They are so close together and have small slits. In the Kombi van, Ben says that Terri is very racist.

Terri tries to defend her comment. Terrence says that it’s not racist. It is. Terri is full of BS. Later, they tell Nobby in front of Terri about her comments. All of Asian Australia will consider racist. She doesn’t understand. Bianca and Rory try to explain it to her, but she doesn’t get it. She’s just an ignorant racist.

The Moon monks assemble once again.

Friday Night Live

It’s time for Heavy Metal night. Terrence can’t compete again.

The HOH will win the HM’s favorite movie.

The first task involves skidding on a slippery mat. To start out, it’s girls vs girls and boys vs boys. Brig and Alice move on. Cherry the surfer scores only 1pt. He’s rubbish. Nobs scores 10 in his first try. Rory gets 5. Travis just falls down and doesn’t move. He scored 0. This is in their first run. Nobs and Rory move on.

Cherry, Bianca, Travis, Ben and Terri are competing to get into the next round. Travis and Terri get back into the games.

Rhianna joins Fitzy, Goldman and Bree.

The next round is called Iron Maiden. A HM dressed up as an iron has to push another HM lying on an ironing board to another HM waiting at the other end of a slalom course. Then the iron must jump on the HM on the board and the maid must push the iron, the board to the other end and get all of the clothes from the clothesline. Alice, Nobs and Terri get a 1:40 time. Thanks to Brig’s strategy, the other team wins easily. Terri wins a place into the next round. She joins Rory, Brig and Travis. Nobs is out.

The semi-final involves playing air guitar. Brig’s air guitar was so bad it was scary. She gets 9/10. Travis’ was even worse. He gets 10. Brig and Travis are in the finals.

Brig wins FNL. She gets called to the diary room. As the winner, she is HOH. Her favorite movie was How to Lose a Man in Ten Days. She gets to invite 3 HM. She invites Alice, Terri and Travis.

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2 thoughts on “Big Brother Australia S08D054 (Channel Ten)”

  1. Well terri won big brother,This shows you what a bunch of hillbilly rednecks australians are,Voting for the pauline hanson supporter.What a bunch of convict scum.

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