Big Brother UK S09D12 (E4)

HM have been awake for twenty minutes. Mario and Rachel are in the garden. Dennis, Lisa and Mikey are in the luxury bedroom. Mario says that an another week on staples will be gutting. Lisa is putting on some lipstick. She looks incredibly stupid.

Mario tells Lisa that she looks like the Joker.

Mo isn’t following the rules. He is eating two slices of toast with mayonnaise. They were all supposed to eat cereal. Alex tells him off. She goes into the luxury bedroom and bitches about this to Jen, Sylvia and the rest of the groups. Alex says that he does nothing but eat.

The girls tells Luke that he is very funny. Some of the HM are in the garden. Mario is reading the BB rules.

Dennis and Alex are in the bathroom. Dennis says that this whole Mo situation is getting really annoying. Alex says that Rex is doing her head in. Speaking of the devil, Mo walks in.

Sylvia was called to the diary room for this week’s task. They have to sort crisps. They have 2 hours to sort 6000g of crisps. If they win, they will get a token. They have to wear lab coats, hairnets and gloves.

Mikey drops a tissue in the crisps. It disgusts Alex and Sylvia.

Later Dennis snaps at Sylvia. He’s freaking out about something. He starts to cry by the ashtray. Jen and Sylvia are talking. They realize that when the nominations approach, he is very nice. Otherwise he’s a dick. The HM fail the task.

Dennis talks with his pals and says that the house is too happy. He will address it later tonight. Alex is in the diary room. She thinks that she is fitting in better this week. Everyone seems to be getting along well. Alex thinks that she’s tired of always speaking for the group. Someone else should speak up. She has no problems nominating.

Rachel tells Lisa that Dennis will talk to the group.

Dale is in the diary room. Alex isn’t being herself. It’s because of the nominations.

Rachel wants to talk with Dennis. He tells her that it’s not fair that people are talking behind other people’s backs.

Rachel comes to the diary room. She tells BB that Dennis told her that someone was talking behind her back.

Mario and Lisa are going on about how strong they are together as a couple in the house. They are also the eldest.

The HM have just finished dinner. Dennis wishes to address the group. He tells them that he did talk behind Mo’s back because of the food situation. Alex says that she doesn’t talk behind people’s backs. She just vents immediately. She’s a liar. She always talks behind people’s back. Rachel addresses the group. She doesn’t like hearing that people are bitching behind her back.

Alex gets up that she is aware that people don’t like her and talk behind her back. She says that Rachel plays the stirrer in the house. Rachel tells Alex that she didn’t bitch behind her back. Mario tells the group that people come into the luxury bedroom and woke everyone up at 2AM. It’s disrespectful. Sylvia apologizes for that. She was one of them. Dennis continues talking in general terms. Rachel asks him to be specific. Luke wants to wrap this up.

I can’t actually believe that Alex accuses Racher of talking behind her back. What a bitch! She always talks behind the HM’s backs.

Jen and Mario are talking. She tells him that he’s authoritative and domineering sometimes during tasks. She doesn’t need a dad.

Sylvia is in the diary room. She says that she can’t trust anyone in this house. She can’t trust Alex, she always talks behind people’s backs. No one realizes. She is the one that talks to everyone behind their backs. She can’t believe that she was associated with her. She’s fuming mad.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Bex, Sylvia and others are talking.

Luke is in the diary room. He says that it’s been quite a day.

Most of the HM are at the sofas playing a word game. Mario, Lisa, Luke, Sylvia and Mikey are in the luxury bedroom. There is some under the cover action between Lisa and Mario. They fool around. Mario is called to the diary room. They are just messing with him. They just interrupted him from having some fun with Lisa.

* * * * *

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