Big Brother UK S09D13 (E4)

Alex and Mario are nominated this week.

Today the HM will nominate for the first time. BB plays an alarm into the house to wake the HM up. Mario is already up. He’s in the garden. Today is Mo’s birthday. Mario tells Mo that he hasn’t been himself for the last couple of days.


Alex                Rex                  Dennis             “He rubs me the wrong way.”

Dale                 Mario               Alex

Darnell             Mario               Lisa

Dennis             Mario               Alex                “She’s not very nice.”

Jen                   Mario               Lisa

Kath                Alex                Sylvia              “She come up with negative energy.”

Lisa                 Jen                   Sylvia              “She didn’t want to talk.”

Luke                Mo                   Mario               “It’s getting ridiculous, he needs to ration.”

Mario               Sylvia              Dennis             “She moans a lot.”

Mikey              Alex                Dennis             “The torrent of abuse she spouts.”

Mo                   Alex                Dennis

Rachel             Alex                Sylvia

Bex                  Alex                Darnell

Rex                  Alex                Mario

Sylvia              Alex                Mario               “She’s argumentative.”

Alex got 9 and Mario got 7. They are both nominated. Sylvia and Dennis received 4. Lisa got 2. Rex, Jen, Darnell and Mo received 1 nom. Dale, Luke, Bex, Mikey and Kath didn’t receive any noms.

Alex is pissed that Dennis called her out on slagging people off behind their backs. Mo wants the boys to dress the girls and vice-versa.

Sylvia and Jen are talking about men. Sylvia says that within three months, a man said that he loved her. She didn’t return the favor.

Dale is talking to Jen. They are talking about romance and mouthing stuff. She says that he really has to like her because she’s got a kid. He says that he liked her from the moment she walked in the door. Jen implies that she’s looking for serious relationships, not just pointless fun.

Lisa is dressing up Mario in the toilet. The HM are having a cross-dressing party for Mo.

Alex has to come to the diary room. She can’t handle the cross-dressing men. Alex says that Mo looks confused. It makes her sick.

Just when he was getting kind of cool, cool’s gone out the window.
Alex on Mo.

Later she tells Sylvia.

Rex, Mikey, Mo, Rachel, Kath and Bex comes to the diary room. They talk about bit about Sylvia and Alex. Mikey says that Alex is a cow. Rachel tells Mo that she can see his penis. Kath starts to scream. It’s pretty funny.

Mikey, Sylvia and Alex are in the bathroom. Sylvia is going to bed. Mo is in the diary room. He says thank you for the birthday party. He talks a bit about Alex. He’s upset that Alex didn’t join in.

BB turns on the intercom. BB was asking Mo how he felt because Alex didn’t join in. Alex starts to freak out. Mo comes out of the diary room. Mikey tells him that the HM heard him talk to BB about Alex.

Alex wants to talk to Mo. He tells her that you made him feel uncomfortable. He is himself, he doesn’t need her input. She’s upset about his cross-dressing. He doesn’t give a shit. He wants to take off his bra and isn’t able to. It makes Alex crack up. Sylvia is listening in at the door. She tries to butt in and is quickly rebutted by Alex, who has got trouble not laughing at Mo.

Sylvia tries to butt in again, Alex tells her to get away. The discussion escalates. Mo says that he feels comfortable to talk about things in the diary room.

BB calls Alex to the diary room. BB tells her that it was a mistake. The diary room is a place that BB probes and questions HM about other HM. BB didn’t single her out.

BB calls Mo to apologize. Mo is fine. BB is sorry that BB’s question was broadcasted to the entire house.

* * * * *

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