Big Brother UK S09D14 (E4)

The HM passed the Japanese task. They have been awarded a luxury shopping budget.

All of the HM are asleep. For this week’s shopping task, the HM will become experts in all things Japanese. Last night Mo and Alex had an argument over cross-dressing for his birthday party. Due to a technical error, Alex overheard one of BB’s questions for Mo in the diary room. Music is played into the house. The HM find the living room and garden transformed into something Japanese.

Dennis, Darnell and Mo are in the garden.

Jen is in the diary room. She says that everyone is excited about the task. Alex is still a bit upset about the argument she started with Mo. She thinks that things are better this week.

Jen and Bex are in the luxury bedroom talking about nominations. Bex doesn’t want to be nominated.

The boys are in the garden making a pyramid on the karate mat.

Alex and Dennis are in the bathroom talking about Mo. Alex tells Dennis that Mo is a wanker. She starts to badmouth Mo behind his back. Darnell walks in. He overhears Alex bitching about Mo. Dennis is rubbing his wank. Alex says that she likes being a threat.

Alex continues to berate Mo. She calls him a disgrace. Mo doesn’t stand for it. They start arguing louder. She says that he makes her sick. Mo tells her not to bring religion in to this. She is wearing short dresses. She needs to dress like a Muslim.

Mikey and Mario are talking in the garden about Alex. They don’t know if Alex is really a Muslim. Mikey doesn’t like the double standards.

Darnell, Rachel and Kath are in the living room. Rachel is giving Kath a massage.

Mo is in the diary room. She is using religion as an excuse to make her look better. She’s bringing the whole group down, she’s not going to let it go. She keeps pushing his buttons all the time. He stays in the diary room for a little while to calm down.

Luke and Alex have been called to the diary room with instructions on how to complete the shopping task. Immediately, Sylvia says that she wants to be a geisha girl. Alex says that she wants to do karate. After a few moments, Sylvia says that she wants to do the karate task. HM can fail no more than 1 group task in order to pass the task.

Darnell, Lisa and Jen have to perform a karate kata. Rex, Dennis and Bex are in the ashtray talking about Alex. Rex wonders why everyone is being nice with her, when she’s flying off the handle all the time.

Sylvia and Alex want to buy their own food on the basic budget. Alex makes a remark how she would be able to make 7£ a lot longer than some of the people in the house. She is talking about Mo.

Mario, Lisa and Darnell are in the garden. Mario finds Darnell’s routine hilarious. Hirarious!

Alex is in the bathroom. Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Dennis tells Bex, Sylvia and Jen that he feels sick about Alex. Sylvia was really angry when Alex told her that Mo and Rex had a game plan to get her out. Luke mentions that it’s the reason why Steph was nominated. She was part of that plot to get Alex and Sylvia’s group out.

I can’t even speak English properly, let alone… Do you know what I mean?
Sylvia about Japanese.

Alex has been called into the diary room. BB tells Alex that BB is concerned in the way she expresses her opinions. BB tells her that BB doesn’t approve of intimidation behavior in the BBUK house. Alex says that how can she intimidate a grown man? Alex says that it wasn’t intimidating behavior, Mo was the one shouting and intimidating behavior. BB tells her that BB deems that her behavior was intimidating and she needs to thread carefully. BB tells her that she needs to be careful on the way that she says things.

Alex, Rex, Dennis and Bex have to complete a 24 hour karaoke marathon. Bex is the first to go. She doesn’t know that she will be singing Total Eclipse of the Heart for the whole time.

Alex tells Sylvia that her behavior has been deemed intimidating.

Darnell, Lisa and Jen do their karate kata. They did well.

When BB plays a part of Total Eclipse of the Heart, HM have two minutes to swap places. Bex needs to go for a wee. Alex steps in. Alex is terrible.

The HM are told that Alex and Mario are nominated. Alex goes into the bathroom.

Alex has been removed from the BBUK house!!

* * * * *

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