Big Brother UK S09D15 (E4)

Alexandra was ejected from the BBUK house last night, after making threats to the other HM for nominating her.

Bex opened one of the mystery boxes that the group purchased. It had a “go straight to jail” card.

The HM have overspent on their shopping budget by 105£. They won’t be getting any deodorant and toilet paper this week.

Alex is talking with Darnell in the living room. Also present are Rex and Dale. Alex tells Darnell that it’s bigger then that. She says that she has a very strong team outside. If she gets out first, the others have to come out after her. She is going to make plans. She can’t wait to see her mens and her gangster friends on the outside. She is going to see all of you bitches on the outside. Their families and their friends. Alex gets to make all of the plans that she wants to see. She’ll get to use all of her gang friends.

Bex says that she is getting friction burn from the carpet in the karaoke room. Rex talks with Dennis and Bex about Alex’s gangster friends. That they are out to get him in the outside, with his family and his friends.

Mo and Rex are the ashtray later on. It’s past midnight. They are talking about Alex. She has a problem. Her behavior doesn’t make any sense. He can’t wait for her to leave. The room goes cold when she enters. Mo also feels uncomfortable as well.

Some of the HM are sleeping in the luxury bedroom. Rex is in the diary room talking about this week’s noms. He was very happy not to be nominated. The two HM he nominated were nominated by her. It couldn’t have gone better. He can’t stand her. He says that she is out for blood. Rex relates her threats. He says that it is unacceptable. He guesses that her threats were directed at him. He was the only person she didn’t like in the room. It was obviously clearly a threat, even though he doesn’t see it as a threat.

It doesn’t bother him that much, but he knows that other people feel threatened by Alex.

At 5:22AM, Bex is singing in the karaoke room. Alex and Darnell are in the kitchen. Darnell says that after the first couple of days, Bex turned it around quickly. Alex says that she stopped screaming. She doesn’t have any inhibitions. Bex nods off in the karaoke room. She gets woken up by the song.

Luke tells Sylvia that everyone is having half a toast for breakie.

Alex starts being bitchy when she realizes that Rachel and Bex cooked all of the spaghetti. She starts giving attitude. She calls Rachel dumb. She says that’s how tramps live. She continues to give attitude. She calls Rachel a dumb shit.

Rachel tells Alex that when she was discussing her breakie plans, it was already done. Alex calls Rachel a stupid girl.

Luke, Mario and Lisa are talking. They think that Rachel isn’t genuine. People are starting to suspect. Luke says that she’s almost obnoxiously nice. So nice she’s fake.

Mario and Rachel are in the bathroom. He says that he misses her children. Rachel asks him how old they are. Mario says that he doesn’t want to get into this.

Alex is sleeping. BB plays an alarm to wake her up. Kath, Mikey and Mo are practicing Japanese.

Luke tells Lisa that it’s going to be hell tonight when they organize the shopping list. Lisa says that they need more carbs.

Kath, Mo, Mario and Mikey have to do their spoken Japanese part of the task. Kath goes first into the diary room.

Mario is picking Lisa’s zits in the garden. Mikey does his language test. Dale breaks a board for part of his task. The HM pass the task.

Alex is called into the diary room. All of the HM say that BB’s voice is ominous sounding. She is told to shut up and listen. BB tells her that she has broken BB rules consistently and her intimidating behavior is unacceptable. BB quotes her conversation that she had with Darnell. She says that BB is taking them out of context.

She says that she doesn’t accept that they were intimidating. BB calls her on her comments. She doesn’t have any plausible explanation.

Darnell suspects that Alex will be removed. She’s been gone for a while. Mo is worried as well.

Alex still doesn’t see that she’s threatening or intimidating. She plays it down. She says that she didn’t mean it like that. She is told that she is removed from the house. She leaves through a door.

9:10PM. It’s been 23 minutes since Alex has been removed from the house. Luke is given instructions. He reads them out to the group. She was removed for her threatening and intimidating behavior. BB cancels this week’s eviction.

Sylvia says that Alex was warned about the way that she was behaving with Mo. Sylvia also said that some of the comments she made to Rachel didn’t work. Dennis says that it was the threats. Rex tells the HM about the threats that she made to all their families.

* * * * *

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