Big Brother UK S09D16 (E4)

Since Alex has been removed, there will be a new HM going into the BBUK house tonight. The eviction has been canceled.

Yesterday, Alex was removed from the BBUK house. Jen, Mikey and Bex are in the luxury bedroom. Jen is waxing her mustache.

Some of the HM are talking about the cooking. Mario says that Lisa should be able to help. Maybe he is too fancy of a cook. Lisa is more hands on. Rex disagrees. His whole life has revolved around food.

Mo is helping Dennis to stretch.

The HM have been giving an hour to complete their shopping list. They have six minutes left. Rex has to boss the HM around. Mario doesn’t sound happy. Mo says that he needs Halal meat.

Dale and Mario aren’t happy. They think that Rex is stupid. They are upset about the chocolate. Mikey comes by and wants Dale to calm down.

Kath, Luke, Jen and Mikey are talking about the shopping list. It was a disaster. They didn’t get any real meals.

Mario and Lisa are talking in the garden. Luke joins in. They are disappointed with Rex’s performance as a chef. They don’t like his food choices.

Rex is in the diary room. He’s happy that Alex is gone.

Dale is in the diary room. He thinks that Rex is a penis. He doesn’t know how to cater to the house.

Jen can’t keep a straight face when the HM question her about Dale.

Kath talks with Rex. She says that she likes Rex. Rex says that she’s one of the sweetest person that he’s met. Rex says that he’s just trying to help the group.

Darnell is in the diary room. He thinks that he doesn’t fit in.

The other HM are speculating about a new HM. HM are getting this week’s shopping budget. HM are unaware that that the mystery prizes include an inflatable crocodile, a giant cookie, three record tokens and a sealed envelope.

I’d be good at most things in here.
Mario to Lisa.

Kath is ecstatic about the giant cookie. Bex opens the envelope. It says “go to jail”. Bex has got to go straight to jail.

As HM overspent by 105£, BB removed the items from the bottom of the list. The HM notice that some items are missing.

Some of the HM are in the house eating.

Bex is in jail and she uses her make up to make a sign. It says “Big Brother is a beast.”

Jen, Sylvia, Dennis and Rachel are in the luxury bedroom. They wrote Rex, Mo and Alex on their butts.

Mo told Sylvia that they should pretend that they are a couple so that when they leave the house they can make a bit of money. She tells Jen. Jen says that it’s proper wrong.

Bex is called to the diary room because of her sign. BB tells her that she will stay in the jail for an extra hour.

The HM have exchanged 3 tokens for 3hrs of hair straighteners. Mo is upset.

Bex has been in jail for 5 hours. Bex is freed. She’s happy. Sylvia tells Bex that she’s got 15 minutes to use the hair straighteners. She runs into the bedroom.

Lisa and Mario are in the diary room. He thinks that they are a threat to people like Dennis and Sylvia.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom talking about Mo. Sylvia tells Kath that Mo liked her in that way. Sylvia has got a boyfriend. Sylvia also tells them about what he said about pretending to be a couple. Sylvia is talking and Mo walks in. She doesn’t stop when he arrives.

She tells him to stop patronizing, and she’s not over-exaggerating. He wants to explain, but Sylvia doesn’t care. Some of the HM leave the bedroom. He apologizes, but Sylvia doesn’t really listen. She looks upset. She says that he gets on her nerves. Dennis tells her that she shouldn’t rise to his bait. She finds him disgusting.

Lisa and Mario are in the luxury bedroom. The other HM are in the living room. They exchanged a record token. It’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. Lisa is dancing in a thong. She’s got a nice ass. Mario and Lisa make out. They eat cookies in bed. They dunk them in their tea.

In the living room, Sylvia is shaking her bum.

Interview with Alex

Alex says that she spoke with Heat magazine. She shows her behavior in the house. She’s almost got no expression. She shakes her head when she mentions her gangster friends.

Alex says that it was all about editing. She’s being argumentative with Davina.

Alex is shown how her behavior has affected the HM. She finds it funny. What a bitch! She keeps saying that people are grown-ups and should be able to speak for themselves.

New HM

Stuart is a 25 year old property developer. He’s a bit of an egomaniac. He’s got a little girl who is 5. He’s straight. He’s a bit of a hunk. He arrives on a motorcycle.

Jen is amazed when he walks in. Dale is immediately threatened.

* * * * *

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