Fringe S01E01 (Fox)

It’s fitting that this show will premiere on Fox, since this was the network of the X-Files. Fringe has got much in common with the X-Files, yet it is different.

Fringe is the latest show of wonderman J.J. Abrams.The show is scheduled to be aired on the 26th of August 2008. The two hour premiere pilot cost 10 million dollars to produce.

Like most new shows, it was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago. I finally watched it two weeks ago and wrote up my thoughts.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was a good show, full of conspiracy theories clearly reminding the viewers of a mythology, which is supposedly going to be developed. This is the fourth J.J Abrams TV show and there is no doubt that it will be a success.

The pilot serves as a premise for the investigation team to be assembled. They are all under the orders of Special Agent Broyles of Homeland Security. The team investigates fringe science and fringe events, which have been appearing recently all over the world. This phenomenon is called the Pattern.

Dr. Bishop and his estranged son are also part of the team. Dr. Bishop was just released into his son’s custody. He has spent the last 17 years in a mental asylum. Dr. William Bell, the head of Massive Dynamics, is also involved somehow. He shared a lab with Dr. Bishop at Harvard in the 70s.

I thought that the pilot showed promise. It will be an interesting show to watch. It will be nice to see how the mythology of the show will be developed. I’ve got no doubt that this show will be picked up for a full season.

I think that this show takes a few common elements from Alias, especially for all the things that concerned the mystic scholar Milo Rambaldi. The same kind of esoteric science is involved in this show. It’s done very well. I’d actually like to see this type of mystic science have more of an impact on the show. It would suit the show very well. A bit of the supernatural wouldn’t be bad either.

* * * * *

On a German plane, a man is freaking out because of the turbulence. He injects himself with something and goes to the bathroom. The stewardess tries to stop him amid the crazy rocking and rolling of the plane. She turns him around and she sees that his flesh is disintegrating. He spits something in her face and she is affected as well. The whole plane is affected.

Agent Scott and Agent Dunham of the FBI are involved in an office romance. They are keeping it a secret. Scott says that he loves Dunham. Dunham doesn’t say anything,but she’s pleased. They are both called to work to Logan Airport in Boston, where there was an incident with a German plane. The plane landed itself thanks to a new autopilot system. Agent Francis and Scott are chosen with other members of an inter-agency task force to board the plane. Dunham corners Special Agent in Charge Phillip Broyles. He’s from Homeland Security. As the liaison for inter-agency liaising, she needs to be on the plane. What they see isn’t very encouraging.

The same man that injected himself on the plane appears at the gates to see what’s happening and is turned back.

Broyles sends Dunham off to investigate the report that two middle-eastern men were seen giving a suitcase to a white man at a storage equipment facility. Dunham tells Scott that she loves him too. Broyles has got a bone to pick with Dunham since she was the lead investigator in the case against one of his pals, who got sentenced to jail for sexually assaulting 5 women in Bagdad.

They smell ammonia in the trash and investigate a few storage lockers. They find a bio lab. In one of the lockers, they see the same man that injected himself making a run for it. The man detonates a remote bomb and the agents are caught in the backlash.

Agent Scott is not doing well. He’s been contaminated by a synthetic compound that was being worked on in the lab. He’s been put in a drug induced coma. His body temperature has bee lowered. It looks like his body is disintegrating.

Dunham is fine. She researches the symptoms that Scott is suffering from. She comes up Dr. Walter Bishop who’s been researching these phenomena. Dr. Bishop might have some info no what happened on the plane. He’s been in a loony bin for 17 years.

Broyles tells her that he needs the Bishop’s son’s permission to see Bishop. The only problem is that the son is in Iraq.

Peter Bishop has a near genius intellect and is currently in the middle-east. He is a high school drop-out and faked degrees to publish some papers. Dunham begs Bishop to help her, but he won’t. She tells him that she knows why he is here. She blackmails him into helping her. She’s got his file.

On the plane, Dunham tells Bishop that his father did research on fringe science. He worked on teleportation, mind control, reanimation, astral projection, genetic mutation, invisibility and other fringe sciences.

When they arrive, Peter chickens out and lets Dunham go in by herself. She asks Walter Bishop about his research and what happened to Agent Scott. He tells her that it can be reversed but he wants to see his son. Bishop says that he needs to see Scott. Bishop Jr needs to babysit Bishop Sr.

Dr. Bishop says that his assistants had some of his research. William Bell of Massive Dynamics shared his lab. He’s a successful scientist.

Dunham wants to question William Bell. She asks Agent Francis to arrange it. They go in to see Scott. He’s not looking too well. Dr. Bishop takes a sample. He wants to take it back to his lab. He forgets that his lab has been closed.

Broyles suspects that Dunham is involved with Scott when she requests for Bishop’s old lab at Harvard.

Peter asks Dunham about his file. Dunham admits that she bluffed her way through. He tells her that he owes money to a guy named Big Eddie. It’s an old gambling debt.

Dr. Bishop needs a precise inventory of what was in those storage lockers to synthesize a way to help Scott. Dunham says that the suspect got away, they don’t have this inventory. Bishop wants to use shared dream theory in order to access Scott’s memories. She’d have to have a probe inserted into her brain stem and be under heavy drugs. Bishop says that he once got information from a corpse this way.

Francis tells Dunham that they couldn’t talk with Bell. Bell knows something, but he’s the head of a 50 billion dollar company. He’s not about to comply easily.

Dunham is getting ready for the procedure. They are doing this in order to get a description of the perp who blew up the storage facility. Dunham takes the drugs and the probe is inserted. She is lowered into the tank.

It kind of works. Olivia saw his face.

Morgan Steig has got a twin brother named Richard Steig. He was employed by Massive Dynamics. Mrs. Sharpe says that Steig was caught trying to steal research from Massive Dyamics. He was fired. Mrs. Sharpe was a runner all her life. She felt tired during one of her runs and Dr. Bell insisted that she had a CAT scan. It revealed a cancer so sever that her right arm had to be amputated. Thanks to surgery and Massive Dynamics, she was saved. Her replacement limb, a cybernetic device which mimics a hand almost flawlessly was designed by Dr. Bell himself. She shows it to Dunham.

She wants to know if Steig was part of the Pattern. She says that technology and science have evolved at such an exponential rate that there are no ways anymore to regulate them. She tells Dunham to be careful.

Dunham comes to get Bishop & Bishop. They have cornered Richard Steig in South Boston. Bishop Sr. pleads with Bishop Jr. not to put him back in prison. Bishop Jr. sees Steig fleeing from the scene and runs after him. He signals the FBI agents. They catch him.

They get the antidote. Broyles shows her that there have been more incidents like the one of the Hamburg flight. 46 children who disappeared reappeared. They all disappeared in 1998. They hadn’t aged a day. Fishermen on the spot where a tsunami started reported high pitched sounds from a plane which blew out all of their glass. A coma patient in Lisbon started writing down numbers. These numbers were the carrier waves for the US battle groups patrolling the oceans. These are classified about Top Secret.

Broyles wants her to work with her. They call these events the Pattern, as if someone out there is experimenting only the whole world is a lab. If she works with him, she can have anyone or anything she needs.

They are able to reverse the process and Scott wakes up.

Dunham has a talk with Steig. He says that he was threatened by a guy from his office and he’s got evidence to prove it. It’s buried at his place. Dunham finds it. She hears that Broyles was talking to Scott.

At the same time, Scott gets up and kills Steig. Dunham is in pursuit of Scott as he leaves the hospital. Scott crashes. With his dying breath, he asks her why Broyles sent her to the storage facility. Why her? He dies.

Dunham tells Bishop that she wants him to work with her and her father.

Mrs. Sharpe inspects Scott’s body. She wants him questioned. He’s been dead for five hours.

* * * * *

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