Big Brother UK S08D17 (E4)

Alex was removed earlier this week. As a result, last night’s eviction was canceled.

Sylvia is complaining about the hair in the shower. Mo says that now that Alex is gone, Sylvia is stirring up trouble.

Jen and Rachel are talking about Mo. He seems upset. They both like him.

Yesterday HM overspent the shopping budget by 105£. BB removed items from the bottom of the list. Mo’s halal meat was part of this.

Lisa and Dennis are talking about Mo, who’s getting stressed about the lack of meat. Kath says that Rex didn’t do it to be spiteful, he did the best to his abilities. Mario says that there are people (Lisa) who can do it with their eyes closed. Mario starts being argumentative and saying that the focus is on Mo and the way that he was treated.

Mario says that he facilitates, not manages. Rex didn’t do the job right.

Mo announced that he wanted a house meeting. All of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Mo wants to talk about the halal meat. He felt left out of the group because of the food situation. Jen tells him to eat with her, because she is a vegetarian.

Dale says that the shopping list wasn’t well done. Lisa says that it’s impossible when everyone is talking at the same time. Luke says that they overspent by over a 100£. That’s why some items are missing. Mario says that they need to talk about this like adults.

Mikey says that it’s not right when he’s trying to sleep and people are having pillow fights (Sylvia).

Bex and Luke are in the diary room. Luke says that HM need to pretend to be interested. Then point and clap. Then clap and stand up and congratulate them on the meeting. These are tips on how to survive the meetings.

Luke and Bex want to make sure that they are not a couple. Especially Kath, who’s trying to be a matchmaker. Bex has been asked if she fancied Luke.

Mario and Lisa are talking in the garden. Lisa thinks that some of the HM are very rude to Mikey.

Sylvia has stashed some food in the bedroom. Luke, Dale and Jen want to share the crisps and Coke. Mikey walks in. Mikey tells Sylvia that she kept him up for an hour last night. He asks her if she is going to make noise at night again. She says that she wants to have fun. She starts to talk loudly. She actually starts to shout. Mikey says that Sylvia is selfish. She says that she feels singled out. Mikey says that she is the only person that he heard last night and she was the loudest. She continues to deny that she was responsible. Rachel leads him out to rest in the lounge. Bex is getting annoyed with Mikey. Sylvia starts to cry. What a baby!

Luke doesn’t understand what happened. Bex goes to comfort her. Sylvia continues to say that Mikey is trying to single her out and that it’s unfair.

Mikey is talking with Mario. He’s still tired. Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom talking about Mikey. Sylvia starts to bitch about him. She told Mikey that she was going to continue to make noises at night because she wants to feel immature. Dennis says that they need to speak out because the bores are going to take over. Darnell, Dale, Bex and Sylvia are involved in a little rebellion against the bores.

Mikey is in the diary room. He’s talking about Sylvia. He says that there have been a lot of arguing this week.

Dale is hugging Jen. He says that he doesn’t want to go. He starts to cry. Jen comforts him. Dennis walks in and tries to make Dale feel better. Sylvia walks in. She tells him not to worry.

The HM are banging on some pots and pans. They are unaware that a new HM is about to enter the house. Stuart is a 25 year old trainer and property developer. He walks in.

Stuart has met Sylvia during the selection process. Jen has her mouth wide open. She obviously thinks that he’s a hottie. Dale is threatened and speechless.

Most of the HM are in the living room talking to Stu.

Sylvia and Jen are talking about Stuart. Jen says that he’s not her type. Sylvia says that she’s in trouble. She’s not going to be able to help herself.

Jen is in the diary room. She’s happy that Stu arrived. She says that the males are all threatened by Stu, especially Dale. His body language tells all. Sylvia has confided that she’s very attracted to Stu.

Dale, Bex, Mo and Rex are at the ashtray. Dale tells them that he doesn’t want to compete for Jen. He says that all of the girls are wet for Stu. Rex thinks that Stu is somebody’s ex.

Luke, Mario, Lisa and Mikey are in the luxury bedroom. Jen is in the bath.

Sylvia and Stu are in the bath. Sylvia says to watch out for Rex and Mo.

Rex, Dale, Rachel and Kath are in the living room. Kath says that she’s worried about her boyfriend. Rex thinks that Stu is her boyfriend. Stu is called to the diary room. He says that everyone is feeling down and paranoid.

Stu and Sylvia are sharing a bed.

Darnell and Dale are talking about Sylvia. They both don’t trust her. Rachel is watching them. Stu pulls to his side of the bed. Sylvia threatens to leave for her bed. She obviously fancies him and throws herself at him. He doesn’t return her affections.

* * * * *

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