La Pizza Restaurant

La Pizza is located on Shida Rd, on Lane 105. It’s right next to Shida (NTNU). I was told that this restaurant was expensive, but after having eaten at the 123 Taiwanese restaurant nearby and having paid $155NT (~5$) for a passable meal, I didn’t mind trying it out.

The restaurant is nicely decorated. Nothing too fancy, just nice. It has a pleasant feel to it.

Service was good and quick.

I ordered a 10″ pizza with sausages, tomatoes, and cheese. There might have been some basilic as well, I’m not sure. The pizza was really good. It had enough tomato sauce in it to be really delicious. I gobbled mine down quickly, as I had only 15 minutes left before my next class.

I was pleasantly surprised by this eatery. It’s not haute cuisine, but I recommend it. Service is good, fast and efficient. They also do take-out. The pizza is the best that I’ve eaten in Taipei, including the White Spot’s pizza place, which I don’t remember the name exactly.





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