Big Brother Australia S08D056 (Channel Ten)

The house has just endured another week on staples. The HM are in lockeroom lockdown. The boys send Bianca to save the food. It’s too late.

Later Alice confronts Bianca about her rude behavior. Bianca just leaves. She tells Al sarcastically “thanks Al that was nice”. She goes back to the lockeroom.

Ben asks Terrence to tell them a joke. It’s a racist joke. Terri likes it. Ben and Bianca just watch the trainwreck in action. Nobs keeps calling Terri racist. She still finds it funny. It’s a joke on how Asians are studious and Australians are lazy but clever. Ben asks if Terri has been called racist. Rory says that Terri has been called racist heaps of times in the last two days. The HM egg her on a bit. They want to make her a bit nuts. Bianca says that she should just call herself a misanthropist, someone who hates everyone and everything equally. Terri says that’s what Bianca calls herself. Bianca retorts that she is joking, but that’s what Terri really is.

She relates the argument to Travis. She thinks about a witty retort.

Brig says that he doesn’t feel bad about not taking Cherry. Brig is in the BB cinema with Terri, Travis and Alice. Cherry is talking about not being picked by Brig.

Bianca goes to see BB. She must recruit Terrence into the fold of the Moon monks.

Ben, Rory and Travis are still in the dark about the real task. It’s already past midnight and Bianca is getting jittery about the Moon monks task. It’s 1:47AM and Bianca rallies the HM for the Moon monk task.

While they start the chant, the shark alarm starts. Nobs and the others do a good job of faking it. They complete the chant and the alarm sounds again. Al told the HM not to get up.

Rory and Ben are still in the dark about the real task. They think that the house is going to hate Nobs for his sabotage attempts.

Bianca and Ben continue flirting.

Terrence is grouchy the next morning. Brig is pushing his buttons and he almost loses his temper against the little blonde tart. Brig is being very bossy around him since she is the HOH. Brig continues to mess with Terrence.

BB tells the HM that they have passed the task. The Moon monks are happy.

Terrence wants to have a chat with Brig about the way she behaves around him. He waits for her in the bedroom. Brig is straightening her hair. She walks in and Terrence starts to talk to her. She leaves and he follows her into the kitchen. He tells her that she’s been disgraceful. She’s been putting soapy water in his eyes and calls him a liar. He starts to speak loudly over her. She wants to see BB. She doesn’t care. He says that she isn’t playing the game with honor. She told him during their private dinner that the only reason that she was kept in the house was because she was hated. When he told this to others, she called him a liar. He tells her to stop treating him with disrespect. He says that she is smarter than she is portrayed and she is playing a game. He calls her spoiled, selfish and untrustworthy. He’s ashamed that she represents Australia in adulthood. She doesn’t have any manners. He tells her to be civil to him. She calls him a freak when he leaves. He comes back and he says that her IQ is the same as her age.

Later Brig is talking with Nobs, Al, Cherry and Ben. Nobs tells her that she probably did tell Terrence this. He didn’t make them up. When Terrence leaves, she will be getting her 3rd HM hand grenade.

Bianca and Travis tells Terrence that he was being assertive.

Nobs tells Al, Ben and Brig that it was funny how passionate Terrence was during their argument. Brig says that she actually hates the old freak. She likes Ben and Nobs now.

Nobs and Travis are talking in the Kombi van about the argument that happened between Brig and Terrence. Nobs says that he would never speak the way that he does to Terrence and Terri to a 50 year old in the outside world. He’s usually more respectful.

Brig says that she’s OK without her boyfriend Eric. She usually sees him everyday. She didn’t know that she’d be OK without him. Now she is. It opens up doors for her.

Cherry says that Brig is actually quite shy when she meets people. She was holding his hand in the spa. Three hours later in the spa, they are holding hands again. Later in bed, Cherry is giving her water to drink from his bottle. They mess around a bit. Cherry hides in the bathroom and they spray each other with their water bottles. Brig is giggling like a little girl. Nobs says that they need to get the hose. He sprays her a bit. Brig is drenched.

Rory asks Brig about holding hands in the spa. She admits that they are always holding hands. They are friends. Rory says that he senses some sexual tension. Rory says that they would make a good couple. Brig says that she isn’t flirting with Cherry.

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