Big Brother Australia S09D059 (Channel Ten)

Terri bitches about Bianca, who never cleans up after cooking.

Ben asks Rory about Travis. Rory says that he just does his head in. He needs the space. Travis won’t really have it.

This morning, Brig and Terri are dressed up as school girls waiting for the train.

I don’t see that and I don’t see how guys like lesbians.

Brig keeps insulting redheads to annoy Terri. She’s doing it on purpose. She wants the redheads to be slaves.

Ben and Bianca are straightening their hair. They don’t want Rory to go.

Each week, the HM get some pocket money to spend. This week, there are reversal of hand grenades available. Of course, Brig will get her clothes back. Terrence and Terri are sitting outside and aren’t involved in the discussion. The HM don’t want to involve them really. Terrence suspects that Alice or Cherry will involve it. Alice does ask them. Terrence says that Terri wants some Milo. He doesn’t want anything.

Brig buys the reversal of hand grenades for Brig, Bianca and Cherry. Brig gets her stuff back. I think that Terrence and Terri are total bitches for wanting Milo instead of reversing the hand grenades.

Ben tells Rory that he’s never been this close to a girl before, excluding sexual partners. Rory agrees. Ben and Rory have decided to stay up until sunrise. Inside, the HM are waiting for the lights to be turned off. Cherry and Brig are playing. He’s giving her a wedgie.

Ben and Rory talk about Alice. She changes her personality during noms. Alice is nice to Ben and has never done anything against him, but he does question her.

Cherry can’t sleep. Neither can Brig. Bianca comes outside to complain that the lights aren’t going off. It’s all because of Rory and Ben. Cherry and Brig get up as well.

Terrence and Terri have been asleep for two hours. Cherry comes out and throws a ball at the Kombi van. Brig does so as well. Brig opens the door and miaous. Cherry makes it rain on the Kombi van. It’s totally disrespectful. The old ones don’t even budge. Brig hoses them down with water inside the Kombi.

Ben thought that Bianca couldn’t hug or kiss anyone in the house. She only told this to Sax because she didn’t like him. Cherry and Brig put the cow in the bed next to Travis. They put the cat on his other side. He wakes up and screams like a little girl.

Brig remarks that Bianca couldn’t sleep because Ben wasn’t in the bed. Cherry and the others say that Bianca fancies Ben, but he doesn’t. They don’t know how Ben feels. It’s really obvious that he likes her too.

Ben and Bianca spoon in the garden.

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