Big Brother Australia S08D063 (Channel Ten)

The HM are all in lockdown and they’ve all split up into groups. After having taught Travis how to lay bricks, Travis shows Rory how to answer phones.

Terri and Terrence are in locker room lockdown. Alice is with them. Terrence says that as the game enfolds, people will have a go at other people.

After FNL, Cherry has picked Brig, Bianca and Terrence to see the movie with him. She has managed to live a whole week with Terrence. Rory says that he’s his favorite intruder. Terri says that her favorite is Cherry. He comes from a similar background than Brig, but he’s got a lot more integrity. He knows the value of money.

Ben joins the conversation. He says that Travis and Terrence have really good hearts, but they . During the family dinner, most of the HM said that they wanted Terri to win. It moved her to tears They don’t know this. She tells them and she cries again.

The next morning, Terrence wants his morning tea, but he’s got no access to the kitchen since he’s been exiled to the Kombi. He wakes them up with an improvised gong. Bianca comes out. Terrence wants a lemon and another cup. She obliges. He tells her that she looks very beautiful. She goes back to bed. At noon, BB informs the HM that the hot water is on. All of the HM shower. The younger HM are still upset with Terrence for waking them. Serves them right for spraying cold water and flour on the Grey Nomads the night before.

Brig says that she likes winning. Terrence says that Brig is politically correct. Terri says that Brig probably doesn’t know what it means. Terri says that Travis is politically correct.

Bianca and Rory are playing Frisbee. He tries to insinuate that they love each other and have a thing going. She just walks away. He talks to Ben immediately later. Meanwhile, Alice and Cherry are boxing.

Rory talks with Bianca on the sofas. She says that she’s given him a lot of hints, and they aren’t reciprocated. He isn’t interested or doesn’t want it for outside reasons. She says this after being prodded.

It’s time to finish up this week’s task. They have to put the arrivals and departures on a board BB provided. The HM have passed this week’s task.

Terrence was talking without his microphone. He has to wash all of the windows. Ben insults BB, he can also wash the windows with Terrence.

Ben disses BB during his punishment. He has to continue to wash the windows. He called BB a pack of dogs. Ben says that he’s sick of BB.

Cherry makes Brig swear that she doesn’t have a boyfriend or isn’t engaged. Cherry says that Brig has got her emotions in a little jar and rarely lets them out. Travis chooses that moment to stage a tickle attack on Brig. Cherry wanted to talk seriously. He looks distraught.

Ben comes to see BB. Ben says that he’s been calling BB a dog for 62 days.

Rory tells Ben that Bianca wants to get with him. He doesn’t say anything. Rory tells him to snuggle with her in bed.

The other HM are still angry with Terrence for waking them in the morning. Bianca comes in and calls Terrence a selfish, cantankerous and grumpy old man. Brig comes in. Ben is straightening his hair. Brig tastes some hair wax. She says that it tastes OK. BB tells Brig not to eat hair wax, in interest of health and safety rules.

Cherry comes to the diary room. BB says that the HM will be receiving some party supplies, some alcohol, some costumes and some music. The HM have to go to the bedroom to get ready. Alice and Brig are happy.

The HM have decided to have a pole dancing competition. All of the boys go first. Nobody is watching Terence. He looks like he’s giving birth or something. No one wants to see Terri either. Brig has some nice moves. Ben talks about sabotaging stuff.

Brig comes to see BB. She’s glad that Terri and Terrence were allowed inside. She says that it’s more fun with them inside. She’s a good girl, after all.

With the music turned off, the party has moved to the spa. Bianca and Travis are talking in the bedroom. Terrence comes in an interrupts their conversation. Terrence thinks that she is just making too much of it. He can’t leave it alone. Bianca is just waiting till he leaves. He just keeps coming back.

Bianca, Ben, Cherry and Brig are planning on playing a prank on Terrence for waking them up this morning. Ben bangs on a pot and Brig screams at him that she needs a lemon. Terri says that it was Ben and

I’ll accept a photocopy of her brain, because I want to build an idiot.
Terrence on Brig.

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