Big Brother UK S09D24 (E4)

After last night’s argument, BB has allowed the HM to sleep in. The HM are still in lockdown. Dennis is called to the diary room. He is informed that he will be removed from the BBUK house.

It has been 45 minutes since Dennis has been removed. BB wants all HM to gather in the living area. Tensions are high.

I’ve heard that some of the commenters from BBBM and others mention that they think that Jen is a total drama queen and is trying to twist other HM around her fingers. It’s all about her.

Mario gets called to the diary room. He’s got instructions to read out. HM are told that Dennis has been removed. Sylvia starts to cry. Jen starts to cry. Kath is holding back the tears. The HM are told that the eviction is still taking place. Jen says that she hopes that justice is served and that Mo will get evicted.

Dale and Mo start to argue once more. Mo got into Jen’s face again and Dale stepped up to defend her. BB immediately calls Dale to the diary room to calm down. Jen and Sylvia are crying. Sylvia is getting evicted soon.

Rex and Bex are in the garden. Rex blames Bex for Dennis’ departure. If she hadn’t intervened, Dennis might still be here.

Jen tells Darnell that she has seen a different side of him. Jen is being a total bitch. It’s all about her. The HM don’t want other HM to get upset. Jen is a little shit.

Later Darnell still goes on about Sylvia and Jen. Mario and Lisa are in the luxury bedroom. They are talking about Mo and getting spat on the face.

Jen is called to the diary room. She doesn’t think that she wasn’t aggressive, even though she was. She keeps going on about Darnell’s behavior, on how it was inappropriate. BB says that this also applies to other people who got involved in her argument. Their behavior wasn’t exemplary either. Dale wasn’t acting right either. BB asks if there is something that she could do to calm the situation down. She says that she could talk with Dale and then he could talk with Rex, Mo and Darnell.

Darnell and Stu are talking. Jen comes out and says that she needs to calm down. Darnell says that he is sorry that he screamed at her last night. He needs to calm down as well. He wants to forget about it as well.

Darnell is called to the diary room. He regrets the way that he behaved yesterday. He should have just let it go.

Jen is talking to Mo and Rex. She doesn’t excuse Dennis’ behavior. They kind of make up.

Mario, the Facilitator, tells Lisa and Luke that he has dealt with these situations before. The HM are dying their hair pink. They got the dye from one of BB’s mystery boxes.

Stu is called to the diary room. He is told that it could have looked like he was behaving aggressively towards Rex and Mo.

Lisa relates her experience as a bouncer.

Dale is called to the diary room. He thinks that he didn’t do anything to escalate the situation. BB tells him that he did. Rex had apologized and then Stu and Dale made him apologize again and then had a go at him. Dale realizes how it might look. He thinks he might have looked like a knob.

Bex is called into the diary room. She didn’t think that she helped the situation.

Some of the HM are in the living room. Mo wants to speak with Dale. He tries to explain what happened. Dale says that it looked like a provocation. Mo then says that Dennis spat on him.

BB has called Mo into the HM. He has spoken to most of the HM that were involved. He says that he won’t get involved in other HM’s affairs. BB considers the matter closed.

Dale is straightening Luke’s hair. He says that blowdrying and straightening hair makes a massive difference.

Bex and Darnell are in the diary room. They want some alcohol so that Darnell can confess his love for Bex. Bex does a great imitation of Darnell. Darnell says that Bex is pretty and fun, she’s the type of girl that he likes hanging around.

It’s eviction night. Dale and Jen are hugging in the bedroom. She wants to know what he would do if she went. He doesn’t say much.

Darnell is pretty happy that Sylvia is gone. That makes two people from the opposing camp that are gone.

Mo is pretty happy as well. He’s ecstatic in the diary room.

Jen and Dale are hugging some more in the luxury bedroom.

Kath, Rachel and Rex are in the garden. Kath initially thought that Rex was very arrogant. She tells him that if he cuts down a bit on his ego, he’ll be a very very nice guy. He’s sarcastic about it, but Kath says that she’s just being honest.

Lisa is shaving her mustache.

Luke is getting manhandled by some of the HM. They are putting chocolate body paint on his ear. Bex licks it off.

* * * * *

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