Big Brother UK S09D25 (E4)

There was a very long bitching session going on in the house for 8 hours. Jen’s camp didn’t like the happiness of Kath and Rachel, so they bitched about her. They bitched enough to make both Rachel and Kath cry. Kath cried like a little baby and had to be consoled by some of the less negative HM.

Apparently, Sylvia’s boyfriend dumped her. It was in the papers over the weekend. She denies it in the interview with George Lam.

The shit hit the fan because both Sylvia and Dennis have left the BBUK house.

Last night Darnell slept in a bed with Dale in the luxury bedroom. Luke makes a big deal about it.

This morning, BB has provided some cleaning products for the HM to clean the BBUK house. In order to help pass the time about this menial task, BB plays classical music.

Luke tells Jen that Rachel and Kath have a secret dark side. Jen says that the characters and the real people have left the house. What a crock! She doesn’t like people who aren’t real.

Luke goes to see BB. He doesn’t like the fact that the leader of B Block 9 came to sleep in the luxury bedroom. It’s going to get out of control. He doesn’t want to have a slumber party. Rachel doesn’t have an opinion on anything. She came up with an idea to have a slumber party.

Bex, Darnell and Jen are in the bathroom. Darnell pulls Bex into the bath. She’s all wet now. She takes out her frustrations by sitting on Luke in the luxury bedroom. He goes to complain to Darnell. A few moments later, Luke is lying on the sofa. Bex splashes him with water from her glass. He says that he hates her. She says that she loves him.

I just fancy him so much.
Bex sarcastically about Luke.

Rachel tells the alpha male Lisa that he should be a model. Lisa says that he’s been a model all his life but for charity.

Kath and Rex are inside. Kath says that the environment is a lot better now since the troublemakers have left. Mikey is in the diary room saying the same thing to BB. He says that Jen holds the keys of the house. It’s because she’s so fit. Mikey wishes he had his sight back to check her out. That’s why she’s got a hold of the hose.

Luke has hidden some lemonade. Kath wonders why. He says that some people have been drinking it, even though they know that the lemonade is for the HM that don’t drink alcohol. Kath says that she won’t tell anybody. Luke says that she will tell Rachel who will say everyone in the house. Kath says that she won’t tell anyone. Luke doesn’t believe her. Kath says that he’s been spending too much time with negative people.

Last night, Mario and Mikey discussed nominations. As punishment, they have been sent to jail. They’ve been in jail for two hours. Some of the HM are making cookies.

Bex and Jen are in the luxury bedroom. Jen tells her that Rachel had an evil look on her face when Bex said something. Jen is a real bitch. Bex says that Rachel is annoying her. Luke joins in for the bitching session.

This obnoxious happiness has got to end.

Mikey and Mario are still in jail.

Bex and Kath have some of Rex’s cookies. He tells them off because they aren’t done yet. He gives some to Kath. Bex says that they aren’t very nice. Bex calls Rex a piece of shit. Bex screams at Kath to stop singing “happy happy house, happy house”. It’s driving Bex insane. Darnell joins in and bugs Bex as well. Rachel started it from the kitchen. Bex leaves. She says that she likes Kath, but not the prick sitting next to her. It’s Rex.

Bex is in the bathroom bitching about Rex. He told her that if he was her, he wouldn’t be eating a cookie, implying that she is fat. She is pissed. She screams and Rex comes in. She tells him that she really doesn’t like him. Lisa comes in. She calls him a prick. She wants him to stay away. Jen calls him the biggest male chauvinist. Rex just walks out. Jen continues the bitch-fest. They hate the falseness and the fakeness. Some HM think that either Luke or Kath will win BB.

Kath is talking to BB. She tells BB about Luke hiding the soda.

Jen, Bex, and Stu are in the luxury bedroom continuing their bitch session. They are talking to Rachel. They can’t take her either. She is too positive. Rachel doesn’t want the evil whispering to start again.

Mario and Mikey are still in jail. Mario thinks that Luke has got his finger on the pulse of what happens in the house. He goes with the flow, he’s a chameleon.

Darnell talks with Bex and Jen about negativity. He says that it’s getting close to being complete nonsense, people not liking the positive attitudes of other people.

Kath and Rachel think that they shouldn’t be too positive around some of the HM. It’s making them upset.

Rachel, Mo, Rex, Stu, and Jen are in the kitchen.

Bex comes to talk with Kath. Kath just wants happiness and peaceful. Bex says that when people are making insane stupid remarks and antics in the house, they are making people upset. Darnell says that when he hangs around Kath, they don’t bitch. But when he hangs around Bex and Jen, they continually bitch about the other people. They start to argue about nothing. Kath starts to cry. Bex says that Darnell is a shit stirrer. Kath leaves crying. Darnell says that she should act that she should just pretend that he’s not here. Bex says that he doesn’t want to be friends with her. He says that it’s pointless in the house.

Kath is still crying. Later, she’s stopped. Jen tries to apologize for Bex. Bex and Dale are in the luxury bedroom. She says that if she talks with Darnell ever again, she’s going to have to be really careful. He’s lost her trust.

Rex is in the diary room. He says that people are arguing over nothing. He says that there hasn’t been a day without a huge argument. Bex, Jen, Dale like to argue. They are the key three always involved in the arguments. Bex, Stu, Dale, Jen and Luke are in this sub-group. Luke wants to hear the gossip and spread it all over the house. He sucks up to anyone who will give him the time of day.

* * * * *

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