More On Yoda

So it looks like she’s a bit older than I thought. The pet store owner asked me if she had teeth. I said yes. The store owner said that she could have some food. I bought a few tins and served little Yoda. She loved it. So I guess that she can eat food, bottle feeding is no longer required. I’ll still feed her a bit of milk.

I’ve bought a cat litter box and placed it in a secluded spot and I have been putting her in there are her meals. Hopefully she’ll get the idea quickly. I’ve yet to clean up an accident, because I’ve laid out a few empty shoe boxes and bags just for her to use. Slowly, she’ll use the litter box.

She most definitely doesn’t like being in her cage when I’m gone. Now, I only crate her at nights.

NYT On Eve Online

Some say that the participants in an Eve Online summit are more prepared than for real international summits. All that it implies to me is MMORPG addiction. (via cf)

A List Of Globetraveling Families

A cool list of families who travel the world from Wide Wide World.

Eating Raw

A great update from Steve Pavlina about his raw food diet. I’m not ready to go 100% or 90% raw, but juices, veggies and fruits are a staple in my diet. I love avocados and I should try and buy some here. They have huge ones at the fruit stands.

Large Scale Fractal Universe

Is the universe fractal, even on large scales? That’s the question that some Russian and Italian scientists have put forth recently. They think it is. Other scientists aren’t so sure. (via kottke)

Fresh Squeezed Sunkist Orange Juice

One of the best drinks in Taipei is fresh squeezed orange juice, made from Sunkist oranges. Sunkist oranges aren’t easy to find in Taipei, but it’s possible.

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