Nikon D700

Nikon announces a mid-sized full framed sensor DSLR, the D700. It’s on sale at the end of the month for 3000$. That’s more than twice as much as my D200.

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3 thoughts on “Nikon D700”

  1. Hey babe, the D700 is a really cool camera, I agree. It will probably cost around 75000-90000NT just for the body. However, it’s got a full frame sensor.

  2. Ideally, the D700 should not be used with the DX lenses. This said, it is possible to use the DX lenses with the D700. But the resulting image does not do justice to the D700. It has been explained the resolution of the resulting image will be halved when a DX lens is used with the D700. In addition to the lower resolution, the extreme ends of a zoom lens is not usable. A DX lens should not be used with the D700 except in extremis.

    The D700/FX (1.0x factor) and the D300/DX (1.5x factor) effectively doubles my lens option. For those planning to own both the D300 and the D700, it would be wise to choose a glass that would be usable with both bodies.

    In closing, I consider the D700 a good complement to my D300. Except for my Nikon 18-200mm DX lens (which I bought for my Nikon D200) Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens, all my glasses and accessories for the D300 can be used with the D700. I will use the D700 in those times when I need the best results shooting wide angle and/or at high ISO speed. In those times when I need the extra reach, the D300’s 1.5x crop factor makes the best use of my telephoto lenses.

  3. Yeah, good point.

    Full sensors and the use of DX lenses does make a big difference. To be honest, I’m going to use the D200 as my backup camera once I upgrade sometime next year.

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