Big Brother Australia S08D065 (Channel Ten)

Brig tells the people in the Kombi that Cherry thinks it’s Alice.

Bianca makes everybody swear that they aren’t the mole. She makes a big deal of it.

Rima asks Brig about Cherry. Brig says that she’s not in a relationship in the outside.

Ben and Bianca are talking about their relationship. Rima asks Rory who is less interested. Rory replies Ben. She isn’t his type, he doesn’t find her that attractive.

Rory has spent his day trying to convince people that Alice is the mole. He tells Alice that he thinks that Ben is the mole. Alice says that she thought this yesterday.

Bianca questions Travis about a quote from the bible. He can’t really quote the bible. Bianca says that there isn’t a mole.

Bianca doesn’t understand that Ben doesn’t want to spoon her. He says that he only does it with people that he is sexually involved with. Rima shows Rory how she spoons her husband.

Terri says that she would vote for Alice. He says that everyone is going for Al. She tells Alice and Travis later on. Bianca says that she’s never spent the night in the Kombi van.

Alice tells Cherry and Brig what he told her about the mole.

In the Kombi van, Rory says that he has never seen her that giddy. She is smiling all the time. She talks about the mole constantly.

Rory has made some of the other HM suspicious about him being the mole. Cherry, Terry and Brig talk about him.

I don’t know any brickies who wear g-strings.
Cherry to Terri.

Terri thinks that Rory is the mole.

Bianca makes an argument that Brig is the mole.

Cherry tells Rory what Terri told him about Rory being the mole.

Bianca and Ben spend the night in the Kombi van. They are spooning finally. Bianca says that he’s an awkward spooner, since he doesn’t know what to do with one of his arms. She has to school him.

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