6.5 KM

My usual schedule got a bit mixed up today, as I went to three different interviews all over the city, including Jhonghe (中和市), Shulin (樹林市) and Taipei. I didn’t get to eat until 4PM.

Nevertheless, my morning started as usual, with 1L of a kiwi/pineapple smoothie. It was delicious. At around 2PM, I had 700cc of a mango smoothie. It was great to combat the 33C and + degree heat with a fierce sun beating down on me.

I had some fruits and a 150g of a salmon steak, lightly cooked in a pan. I seasoned it with some spices, as well as some Thai Tom Yum paste, limes and garlic. It was nice, but I would have liked to have eaten this meal a few hours before. I felt it in my stomach during the run.

The run.

Well, I didn’t really know how much I would run or if I would actually do a longer run. In the end, I just went for the longer run. I slowed the pace during my 8th lap so that I would have enough energy to finish up strongly. It took me 49 minutes to finish my run, and I ended with a sprint. I haven’t sprinted since I last twisted my left ankle during a run. It felt good. I believe that I could have run some more, but I knew that I wanted to conserve my energy since instead of taking a day off tomorrow, I’ll go for a shorter run.

The Asics Gel Kinsei 2s are great on my feet. I recommend them. I haven’t run enough in them to write a full review, but I’ve clocked at least 30km in them and they are nice on my feet. They make you stop thinking about the hurts in your feet. Your feet become a non-issue, which is great when you run a lot.





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