Big Brother Australia Daily And Eviction S08D070 (Channel Ten)

With only two weeks left in the game, the HM reflect on their dwindling numbers. It gets harder to nominate each week.

Brig is asleep. Bianca says that Brig has got the best ass she’s ever seen. Rory and Ben have seen better. Terri says that she’s got stretch marks. Cherry thinks it’s a cute bum. The HM then get on Travis’ case for his fake laughs. Rory picks Travis up like a little schoolgirl and throws him on the bed. They tumble on the bed while Brig is trying to sleep.

The last time Travis got a haircut, Nobby demeaned him by giving him a shit haircut. Bianca and Brig work on him. Brig is putting in some streaks.

It’s still raining outside. Ben and Bianca are fooling around. She’s chasing him. The HM talk about Ben’s reluctance to do anything with Bianca.

After weeks of flirting, Cherry finally makes some headway with Brig.

After winning FNL, Cherry chooses Ben, Rory and Alice to share the banquet with him. It’s just some hotdogs, pizza and American themed food for the 4th of July celebration.

Bianca and Ben continue to talk about spooning.

The HM passed this week’s task by the skin of their teeth. Ben tells Bianca that she looks like the headache kind of girl. She playfully bites and pinches him.

Bianca wants to go in the diary room. She’s got a headache. BB tells her that she needs to go back out and ring the doorbell. While she is waiting, BB tells everyone that there is a maintenance problem. Due to this, the diary room is off limits. She swears a bit and comes back to the diary room.

Rory tells BB that he doesn’t want Cherry to win BB.

Cherry has been given a series of questions to discuss with the HM. It’s still raining.

Alice asks Bianca if she would pash Ben. She says no comment. Ben, Cherry and Alice are working out. Travis is playing hoola hoop.

BB has a surprise for the HM. Some refreshments and items to give the Kombi a much needed makeover.

Ben tells Bianca that he doesn’t like dresses that much.

The HM play a game. Rory is in the hot seat. The conversation topics include Cherry and Brig’s relationship as well as Ben and Bianca’s.

Later in bed, Brig and Alice talk about Cherry. When she goes back to bed, she lets her guard down and Cherry cuddles her. Ben and Bianca notice. Ben throws a pillow at them. Bianca asks them if she sees a spoon. Cherry says that he’s almost on top her, that’s not a spoon. Later, Brig spoons Cherry. Cherry kisses her on the cheeks. She keeps stroking his arm.


The HM are informed that Cherry saved Alice. Terri and Travis join the nominees. Bianca is sorry that she lost her temper that much during the whole mole fiasco.

The first person who is saved is Terri. The second person who is saved is Travis. Bianca is evicted. She got 46.8% of the combined vote. That’s almost 20% more than the next person.

She gets a phone, mobile broadband and an exotic trip to Thailand.

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