28.6 KM

I’ve completed the second full week of training.

This last week was a lot better than the week before. I’ve started to get into a rhythm and I’m going to branch out into every day training, instead of taking a few days off a week.

I’ve moved into using runner specific ultra light clothing. It makes a difference. The typical baselayer is just too heavy for running in 30C weather. My clothes get so wet that I need to wash them immediately after my run. I’ve noticed that my body has also started to firm up nicely. Less flab more muscles.

It feels pretty good to use my body again this way. I’ve seen loads of different effects. More energy, regular sleeping patterns, more stamina and other small good side-effects. I’ve noticed that my flexibility has returned as well. I used to be able to do a split. I’m not there yet, but the stretching after my runs has made an impact.

The Asics Gel Kinsei 2s have made a definite difference. I can recommend them, as my knees and ankles are on the mend.

The runs are easier. My heart rate has probably improved as well.





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