4 KM Interval Training

Tonight I started doing some more serious interval training.

Honestly, I think it was actually a great workout. It took me about 26 minutes to run 4 km. However, in total, I ran 2 km a lot faster than the other 2 km. It was spread out on a lap. So out of each 650m, I ran 400m as fast as possible. Towards the 5th lap, I had to cut down to 200m and my speed was down a lot.

It was a damn good workout. I came out of it with my calves sore, meaning that it was a real effort. It was more of an effort than my 6.5 km run of yesterday. A lot more. Right now, I’m sitting with both of my calves bandaged up, with two pairs of socks. Both of my legs are propped up. I get this nice sore feeling out of them, meaning that they were worked hard.

During my warm-up lap, I felt a bit giddy and nervous, as well as anxious about the upcoming sprint. Initially, I was going to do 650m sprint, 650m jog. I decided to just spread them around. In the end, it was the same amount. It just was better doing it every lap.

Today would usually be my day off running. Yesterday, during my longer run, I decided that I needed to beef up my training regimen, since I solely rely on running. I should go to the gym, but I’ll wait until my wife comes back before going to the gym.

After doing a bit of research, I found that it has been proven by studies that interval training burns up more fat than just plain running.

I enjoy sprinting, you fly like the wind and the wind cools you down. Time flies.

Today I had my usual 1L of a kiwi/pineapple smoothie. I hat a vegetarian pizza with a steaming hot bowl of soup, even if it was 35C, and another mixed fruit smoothie.

When I came home, I had an few apple-pear and some cheese. I had two slices of ham, with some alpha alpha sprouts and some blue cheese. This was very little cheese to be honest, it’s just to add a little taste. I had lots of water and some OJ in between. I think I’ll end the night with a OJ/nectarine smoothie.





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