My Training Routine

I find that having a routine is a great source of motivation. Humans like habits, and I am no exception. I do enjoy a routine. This is what I do before going out on a run. I’ve included what I do after a run as well. I find that each of these items makes training easier for me. I enjoy the routines as well. It’s a source of strength and I do look forward to the run, but each of these things actually makes me enjoy the run a bit more.

  1. Put on my running gear
    I put on my shoes, pants, t-shirt. I include putting on knee and ankle support bandages after having sprayed on a liquid form of an analgesic heat rub if I need it.
  2. Walk Spike
    I find that walking Spike is a great warm-up. This is a way of making certain that I go out on a run. If I don’t run, I walk Spike later. If I do go, I walk him at about 8PM.
  3. Put on my Kinsei 2s
    After having walked Spike, I come back home, leave the dog and drink some water. I change into my running shoes. I do this because I walk on grass and dirt during my walk with Spike.
  4. Go for a run
    Easiest step. I warm up a little during the 2 min walk to the park and start running at a preset location.
  5. Come back from the run
    When I finish running, I stretch a little on the way and assess the state of my body. How tired am I? Could I have run more?
  6. Wash clothes
    After each run, I was my workout clothes. Even though they are sweat wicking, they get stinky real quick. Washing them after a run, after they have been completely soaked by sweat, seems sensible.
  7. Take shower
    I take a quick cold shower after my run, to get rid of the grime.
  8. Stretch
    I stretch after my shower, making sure that the muscles feel good.
  9. Post-run
    I usually put on some bandages on the parts of my body that hurt a bit. Before switching to my Kinsei 2s, my ankles and knees were usually sore. I might put an ice-pack on a key area. Tonight, I completely bandaged up my calves because I noticed that they were sore. I spray on some  analgesic heat rub if I need it.
  10. Food
    After a run, I usually have a light meal or a smoothie to replenish my energy. Fruits do the trick for me.


2 responses to “My Training Routine”

  1. pinkcowgirl Avatar

    Routines are great, and good job not using those running shoes for things other than running!!! Very important thing to do. 🙂 I love post-run fruits or smoothies too!!

  2. range Avatar

    @pinkcowgirl, yeah I’m a bit anal like that. But hey, it helps my routine, so I’m all for it.

    eating fruits or smoothies post-run are a definite must. I rarely eat anything heavy after running.

    @jorees, thanks babe!

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