5.2 KM

Last night, after my interval training of the night before, I went on a normal run. I have to say that the interval training really tired me out. I am unsure if I will go running tonight. I have run all of the week without a break. I’m starting to feel like I cannot go without a run, so it’s most probably that I’ll run once more tonight. As I have said before, I think that even a little shorter run, is better than no run at all. However, I’ve noticed that once I’ve started, I have trouble stopping before my usual 5.2 km.

The food.

Yesterday, I had 1L of kiwi/pineapple smoothie. I stopped for lunch at an Indian/Pakistani restaurant names Sarena’s which I like. However, one of the chefs left for India, so the food wasn’t as good as the last time.

I had a mango smoothie afterwards. After my run, I had a dragon fruit, an apple-pear, some cheese and ham and some alpha alpha sprouts as a late light supper.

The run was very tiring. I ran 5.2 km in 39 minutes. It’s a few minutes off my usual time, but I expected that much since I knew that my pace was slower. The last few laps were hard. I couldn’t sprint the last lap as well.





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