4 KM

Tonight, I felt the whole week of running in my legs. I wasn’t really feeling it. But instead of not running at all, I decided to run anyways. I notice that a few minutes into my run, most of my aches and pains disappear. It’s like starting a machine.

I read about contrast showers and found the concept interesting. I’ll try that for my longer runs. I’ve run 6 days this week. Surprisingly, after the runs, I feel fine. I’m not really that tired. I do bandage my knees and ankles, but otherwise I’m fine.

Today I had some breakfast buns, with eggs, bacon, meat, and cheese. Once a week, I have them. Usually, it’s on the weekend and usually it’s when I don’t really feel like making any food. Other than that, some fruits, a lemonade smoothie, a papaya smoothie and some Super Supau.

Super Supau Drink
In addition to water, there are electrolytes and nutrients that are essential for your body. When you feel thirsty, it means you are losing these important elements. Super Supau contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, electrolyte, vitamin C and Bifidusbacteria. Super Supau has the same osmotic pressure as blood and permeates your body system directly, and help quenching your thirst. It would be the best choice to enjoy super Supau any time and at any occasion. Super Supau has conformed to CNS1219 and you can drink it at will without burden. Super Supau Drink comes in various packages with different capacity. You can have more choices any time and at different occasions.

A friend of mine suggested it. It’s nice and light, and pretty cheap for that type of drink. 1.5L bottles are about a buck.

I mistakenly had some food a few hours before my run. I should have just stuck with fruits. It didn’t feel well in my stomach. I usually wait until after the run to eat something, but since it’s the weekend and the first Saturday in a long time that I wasn’t working, things didn’t go as planned.

Anyway, lesson learned.

So my long run will be on Tuesday. I might take Monday off, just to rest. I’m hoping to end the week with about 42km in total for the week. I think that this goal is attainable. I haven’t been overdoing it. Today I most definitely wouldn’t have run more than 4 km. I was followed by another runner most of the run. It was motivating, yet annoying at the same time. He didn’t lap me. I knew I was tired when I started running and had a few breathing issues, which disappeared rapidly.

What do I love about running? It makes me regular. It makes me go to bed earlier, it tires me out, I sleep soundly, I get up early, even on weekends and I have lots of energy.

The key to running marathons is running a 15 mile run each week.





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