5.2 KM

I’ve come to realize that my long runs aren’t long enough. So next Tuesday, I’ll run at least 10 km. Maybe more. I don’t think that 10 km will be a problem. However, I’m concerned that I don’t have that many long runs. 6.5 km isn’t really that much. To step up my training, I’ll run 6.5 km each day next week. Initially, I was planning on foregoing a rest day, but I might have one anyways. Also, I’m thinking about running more than once a day next week, to see how I like it. I’d still keep the 6.5 km nightly run, but a morning run or afternoon run would be good as well. Since I know that I’m no longer that tired after my runs, it seems something interesting to try.


Today, I had my usual 1L of kiwi/pineapple smoothie for breakfast. I don’t really mention it, but I do drink one cup of strong milk tea everyday. It’s because it’s in my blood, I’m Indian. Can’t go without it really. I’ve cut down significantly though.

For lunch, I had 100g of a salmon steak that I cooked earlier this week. It was pretty good. I was pretty tired and had the afternoon off, so I dozed off for a few hours. I woke up pretty mixed up. I slept 3hrs. I didn’t feel like running. Yesterday, I managed to power nap, so I felt refreshed. It wasn’t the same today. After the run, I had two slices of ham, some alpha alpha sprouts, an Evian, a Super Supau, an apple soda, an Orangina (I felt like mixing it up a little). I had some cheese as well. Even though I didn’t feel like running, I fixed myself another milk tea and just got on with it. Once I have my running clothes on, there is no backing out of it, so that is what I did at around 8PM.

The run was fine. The last few laps were hard, but that’s because I haven’t planned a rest day this week. I’ve actually been running since Monday. I haven’t taken a break. I usually take breaks. It’s part of a plan to kick my ass into the habit of running or training every day. The interval training of Wednesday was brutal. I’m still recovering from it. Or from the 11km that I have run since. Who knows really?

I ran 5.2km in 38 minutes. Even though I’m tired, I’ve noticed this week that running has gotten easier. I no longer have any breathing problems and the first few laps breeze by. I noticed that I do run at a quick pace in the beginning. I’m hoping that I will be able to sustain this pace for a whole run in the future.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to run at least 40 km this week. I feel that I’m up for this. My short term goal is running 10 km a day (in one run or many runs) and a long run of 20 km. I’ve calculated that with a rest day, that’s about 70 km. I’m not too far from this. I also want to improve my pace. I know that I’m not fast enough and that I could be a lot faster.





2 responses to “5.2 KM”

  1. heatherdaniel Avatar

    Sounds like you’ve got some great running goals. I would caution you against increasing your km/week too quickly. It’s a very easy way to injure yourself.

    Same with the two workouts a day method. I’ve successfully integrated them into my workouts but I try to do it only 2 times a week. They can be great for sneaking in extra miles but they can also be very stressful on the body and leave you really fatigued. Just my two cents!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck and keep up the great running.

  2. range Avatar

    Thanks Heather. Congrats on completing the Boston marathon.

    About the mileage, yeah I know. I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been running with some injuries already for three weeks. There were slight injuries, but still uncomfortable. When you run like that, you always think how it would be running injury free.

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