City Homicide Thicker Than Water S02E01 (Channel 7 AUS)

It’s the second season premiere of the Australian police prodedural drama City Homicide. I gave this series a go when it started. I was pleasantly surprised. The Australian feel for this drama is really nice. Much like British shows, City Homicide is quite different from American ones.

That means that not a lot of Americans will be watching the show. In fact, I’m willing to bet that not a lot of people outside of Australia watch it. Nevertheless, it’s a really nice drama. The cases are surprising and the insider politics that the crew has to deal with are also very interesting.

The acting is good as well all around, apart for a few minor glitches along the way in female guest stars. What really sets City Homicide apart is the overall quality of the show. The cinematography is really top notch. Superb shots of Melbourne and beautiful post processing make this show a must for people enjoying visual eye candy of the architectural type.

One thing that I do like is that there aren’t fifty CSI techs running around finding evidence. The detectives themselves have to do the work. This sort of thing comes from the popularity of the CSI TV shows. I think of The Sweeney when I think of City Homicide, and that’s a great thing. I recommend this show without reservations.

This episode is a bit disturbing. It has to do with a mother of a family who gets murdered. As time goes on, more people in the same family are murdered. It is all linked to a family problem. Still, it was a good episode. I recommend City Homicide.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A woman is found brutally murdered. Joyner and Freeman are doing a door to door search. Mapplethorpe and Matt are on scene. Something’s up with Matt, he’s got a woman in his life. His air is spiffed up and he’s wearing a new suit.

It turns out that this was a hate attack. She had some family problems. Mapplethorpe and Matt investigate the ex-husband. They find a trail of blood at the scene. They find him dead in the garden. He was killed the same way as the ex-wife.

Wolfie has them pick up the children.

Freeman spots somebody fishy and he tries to do a runner. They corner him. He’s a junkie. He witnessed the murder of the mother. He makes a description to a sketch artist and she comes up with a portrait of Talos, the son.

The children are adults. The son is in the father’s corner. The girl is in the mother’s corner. The mum had an affair.

Forensics finds semen at the scene. Even though Talos fits the bill, it doesn’t fit like he killed her. They go through the motions.

Zula had an affair with the ex-business partner Oliver of the ex-husband.

Wolfie sees his wife having a coffee or lunch with another man. He is apprehensive afterwards. He’s wondering if she is having an affair.

They act on the warrant and find a knife in his toilet.

Talos says that he was on a real estate deal in the country. It was all set-up by the ex-business partner Oliver Braxton. Wolfie wants him investigated. Talos says that maybe his sister planted the knife. They question her as well.

Oliver has not a lot to add to this situation. He isn’t very forthcoming. He’s about to get lawyered up. They question him about Zula. He doesn’t say much. He says that he has an alibi.

It turns out that Talos was adopted. The daughter found it in her mother’s papers. The semen also matches to Talos.

Soula wrote to the registrar’s office. She didn’t want her child to find her. It turns out that the applicant is someone else. Mia is in danger.

The hobo arrives to kill Mia. He’s the one who killed Soula. He just sliced Bonnie. Joyner and Freeman arrive in time to stop the hobo. Mia is injured.

Bonnie and Mia are going to make it. Greg tells a tale. He is the eldest brother. They were teenagers when they had him, so he was adopted. They stayed together and had other children.

-You had sex with your own mother.
-Yes, finally, she wanted me.
Greg confessing.

Wolfie is surveilling his wife and sees her with the same man. He gets the license plate to track the man down.

* * * * *

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3 responses to “City Homicide Thicker Than Water S02E01 (Channel 7 AUS)”

  1. Nadine Avatar

    From an Aussie POV, glad to see you doing the recaps for the show again. 🙂

  2. range Avatar

    Thanks Nadine. I’ll post episode 2 and 3 over the weekend. They are finished. By far, I think that episode 3 of season 2 is one of the best recent episodes.

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