In Plain Sight Hoosier Daddy S01E02 (USA)

One of the more interesting photos of the Down Fuxing North Road Series.

In Plain Sight follows a kind of show that has been made very popular on USA. It follows Burn Notice and Psych. It’s half comedy, half drama. Dramedy. The stories follow Mary Shannon, an officer for the US Marshals Witness Protection. Actually, Psych is all comedy, but you get the idea. It kind of reminds me of Saving Grace on TNT.

They have to relocate and protect witnesses to federal cases. In this episode, one of Mary’s charges has been adopted by another witness protection family. His real father is out of prison and wants his son back. Things don’t go well from then on.

I liked this episode. It was interesting. It’s good to see a female lead. She’s a no nonsense police officer, with a messed up family, which I kind of like as well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

18 months ago, a kid is playing in a pool with a boat. He hears something in his house. He goes to check. He overhears an argument. He hears his father argue with his mother. The mother didn’t want him dealing in the house. He walks in and they kill his mother.

Lonny McRoy is a kid. He’s involved against Vernon McRoy, Luis and Jaime Cruz who killed his mother in front of him. His dad was the biggest drug dealer in the region. Stan wants Mary to take Lonny on in the program. She isn’t good with kids.

Mary tries to put him another Witsec family. They want to try him out, but he scares them away.

Mary didn’t sleep well. Her mother is still staying over. Her mom had a sleepover and made too much noise. Brandy is still there.

Later, Lonny was adopted by the family. She goes to his adoption party and sees him happy. She comes back home and finds her house totally clean. Her mom and sister were hard at work. Her mom got a job. She works for a cosmetics company. She asks for 2500$ from Mary. That’s shitty. I’d just kick them out. Mary’s got a thing for writing lists. She always makes them in her car.

There is hitch in the case. Vernon is asserting his parental rights. He is trying to shut is son up. Lonny has to testify.

Lonny still has nightmares. At the courthouse, he sees his dad, but Marshal stops Vernon from getting too close.

The case doesn’t go the way they planned. The judge isn’t sympathetic to the case and is going to let the boy go back with his father, even though he killed his mother.

As things go badly, there is an explosion. They are heading out the door and Mary realizes that it’s a hit. She intervenes just in time to get Lonny out of there. It was just an exploding car.

The Cruz family are trying to kill Lonny. Mary is trying to get him out of here, but it’s not going her way. The judge wants to see Lonny.

Lonny says that he shot a gun the day his mom died. He ran inside to get his dad’s gun to protect her. When he opened the door, he saw them pointing guns at his mom. He shot at them. He guesses he missed, because his mom got shot. So basically he shot his mom.

Mary goes to see Vernon. It turns out that Lonny shot his mom and Vernon covered it up. She tells him that the Cruz family is trying to kill him. He isn’t a model father and he’s single. She gives him photos of his son with his adoptive sister.

Mary tells Marshal that she can’t hand Lonny over.

The judge meets Lonny. She hands down her ruling. The government case is flimsy. She finds for Mr. McRoy. Vernon decides that he renounces any claim to his son. Vernon’s life is in jeopardy.

Mary reunites Lonny with his adoptive family. Vernon is here as well. He agreed to testify against the Cruz family.

* * * * *

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