In Plain Sight S01E01 (USA)

Incredible sunlight through the clouds in Danshui (淡水鎮), Taipei County.

In Plain Sight follows a kind of show that has been made very popular on USA. It follows Burn Notice and Psych. It’s half comedy, half drama. The stories follow Mary Shannon, an officer for the US Marshals Witness Protection. Actually, Psych is all comedy, but you get the idea.

They have to relocate and protect witnesses to federal cases. In this episode, one of Mary’s charges is about to go after the murdered of his kid. The mob guys are trying to flush him out. Mary has to intervene so that the guy stays in witness protection.

I liked this episode. It was interesting. It’s good to see a female lead. She’s a no nonsense police officer, with a messed up family, which I kind of like as well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

A guy drops off some stuff for Dominic Mastro. He’s going to the beach with his family. It’s Frankie. It’s something to do with the mob. Frankie tries to shoot the fat bastard for whom he’s got a delivery. It’s a hit ordered by Dominic. The fatty falls on his caddy out the window. Francis Santoro is in deep shit.

Mary’s sister Brandy isn’t happy about having to accept a lift from a friend. Mary is a US Marshall in witness protection security. They are at a train station to pick up Tasha Somova. It’s Mary’s birthday and she isn’t happy.

On the way to the safehouse, her boss Stan calls. He says that Frankie Santoro’s kid may have been hit. Immediately, Mary wants to find out what happened. Frankie had the misfortune of whacking Petey Larusso while he was under FBI surveillance.

Mary Shannon gets the lowdown from Bobby D, the lead detective. Sienna Burke was found dead not far from a kid with two IDs. He shows Shannon the IDs and she pockets one. The girl’s father is Kail Burke. He’s a developer trying to exploit the land for a decade, without much success. Mary notices a bunch of Indians on dirt bikes watching the scene. The coroner says that the girl was brutally murdered. She got almost eviscerated.

Raphael makes a stop on his way to drop off Brandy. He leaves her in his car while he goes to the youth center. Mary informs him that her sister has a compulsion for jacking cars. As Raphael exits the center, he hears his car leaving.

Tasha freaks out when they are to leave her at her new place. Mary is surprised that Tasha was promised new boobs by the service.

Mary is trying to do some damage control at the morgue, where Frankie is arriving. He goes mad and hits the coroner and Mary. Felicia has some kind of a stroke or faints. He storms out.

Frankie says that she’s got 24 hours to mop this out, or he’ll be getting his kind of justice.

Mary goes out to see the Indians. She questions a guy named George Parker. He tells her to talk to Edwin Talltrees. He screwed them. Then he got screwed by Burke.

Talltrees has a big house. He went to Stanford with Kail Burke. His son played with Sienna every day. He was with his son Kyle watching TV that night. She questions Kyle. He doesn’t know anything. She questions them both about their alibi. They kind of check-out.

She comes home and finds Raphael arguing with Brandy. It’s same old same old at her mom’s house. She doesn’t have time and leaves. Raphael throws Brandy in the pool when she chucks his keys into the pool.

Mary questions one of Sienna’s friends. She says that she wasn’t going out with Frankie. She was just being nice with him. Frankie was a virgin and Sienna just wanted to pop his cherry. She says that Mary should check out her secret boyfriend. They broke up a month ago.

Ritchie Mastro called Frankie Nuts for a few seconds a few days ago. He’s Dominic’s son. Ritchie has some issues with girls. He does Frankie Jr and did the girl. Frankie was trying to broker a deal.

Mary tries to get Ritchie Mastro to reveal his location. He’s in some kind of spa on the outskirts of town. They get him into custody pretty easily. He doesn’t know where Frankie Nuts is.

Frankie Nuts and his wife are in church. Mary isn’t happy that they moved. She asked him about Ritchie. Felicia says that she was chatting with Kathy, Ritchie Mastro’s wife. He must have traced her through their ISP.

Stan is trying to find a present for Mary. He just strikes out every time.

Stan agrees to cover for Mary while she questions Ritchie. She gets hard on him. She drops the desk on him. He doesn’t confess and Mary leaves.

Mary goes to see Bobby D. He hasn’t got anything on the secret boyfriend. He tells her that she has to share. Mary isn’t really forthcoming. She writes down something for him. It’s an insult.

She goes to see Raphael. She apologizes for her behavior earlier. They have sex. It gets awkward afterwards when he says that he doesn’t want to go to her surprise party. He’s had enough of her family for one day. She leaves upset in her piece of shit Ford Probe.

Her partner tells her that Mastro was inducted into the program. The feds came up with DNA evidence and he flipped. A few hours later, he skipped out from his safehouse. Mary heads over to see Frankie Nuts. They defuse a dangerous situation. Felicia shot Ritchie already.

She tells Frankie to f*ck off and heads on over to her surprise party. Stan gives Mary some money. Brandy and Raphael are absent from the party. Her mom wants her to talk with Brandy, who is sulking in her room.

Brandy gives her an Indian totem necklace. It looks exactly like Sienna’s tattoo. It means that may we all sleep under the tall trees. This means that Kyle Talltrees was Sienna’s secret boyfriend. Brady has got kilos of coke in her bags.

Mary heads over to Talltrees’ place. Bobby D serves him a search warrant. Kyle has got the same tattoo. They find him threatening suicide. Mary didn’t give a shit. Sienna broke up with him, after having spent all their lives together. She broke his heart, he cut out her heart.

When she comes home, she finds a message from Raph. He doesn’t accept her definition of us. Mary goes to deliver the groceries that she forgot.

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