Big Brother Australia S08D075 (Channel Ten)

Travis is the only HM who can help to cook. As HOH, Cherry can’t help. Rory can’t be involved. He gets basic meals from BB. Ben isn’t allowed in the house. Rory gets steamed veggies with rice and pine nuts. He’s pretty happy.

He’s just everyone’s little help monkey.
Rory on Travis.

Ben and Rory notice that Travis wants to be Terri’s close friend very badly. Rory asks Travis to bring the sheep over to the Kombi van and he quickly complies. Ben says that they are abusing the kid. Ben calls him a numbskull.

Despite constant warnings that she can’t help, Terri is helping out in the kitchen. The HM are making a feast.

Cherry tells Travis that dating a girl is like feeding a rabbit. Terri isn’t happy to hear this. BB tells Cherry to bring the rack of lamb and the food to the diary room with him. The BB crew ate the feast.

Travis is such an idiot. He laughs it off. What an idiot! He’s getting on everybody’s nerves. Especially Terri. She tells him that he always thinks that he does a good job. Sometimes he makes a bad job.

Ben tells Rory that Travis’ friendships consist of him helping people out. Ben says that Terri pisses him off because she freaks out over minor stuff. Ben and Cherry talk about Cherry’s rabbit call from before. Rory says that he is a hardcore player.

BB has given Travis and Ben the challenge to give Terri an Emo makeover. Afterwards she goes to the diary room. She recites a melancholy poem.

Ben asks if he can get back into the house. BB says no. He tells him to continue with his good behavior.

The HM are called into the diary room. They are told that they will never need to nominate again. From now on until the winner is decided, BB is doing the nominations. They are all nominated.

Friday Night Live

Pamela Anderson, Brig and Bianca will be on the show. Tonight all the HM will compete as individuals. The HM are playing for a 42″ LG plasma.

The first game involves carrying pies through an obstacle course. Cherry goes first and it was a fast time. Rory learned from Cherry’s mistake and is fast as well. Terri’s got trouble going through the hoops. Rory finished first. He scored 5 pts.

Bianca joins them on stage. The next game involves getting blindfolded and getting kissed. Most of the HM except Rory get 5pts.

The next round is musical chairs. Cherry wins that one easily. Ben is second.

The next round involves getting out of a straightjacket. Alice, Ben, and Terri move into the semi-finals. Cherry, Rory, and Travis have to eat a custard pie. The first one who finishes gets back into the games. Travis wins that one.

The next round involves catching balls in a cone around their heads. Ben goes against Alice. Ben moves on. Travis goes against Terri. He wins easily.

The final is a game of mini golf. Ben wins easily.

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