Big Brother UK S09D35 (Channel 4)

The HM are unaware that Bex and Mario are nominated.

Dale is talking about his morning erections.

Sara, Belinda, and Lisa are in the luxury bedroom.

Mikey complains that he got woken up by Bex’s screaming. She was shouting at Belinda to stop snoring. Belinda comes into the bathroom. Mikey tells her the same. Belinda wants to come into B Block for a few nights. Dale warns her off. He doesn’t want her in B Block.

It’s raining. Last night, Kath and Rachel moved out of the luxury bedroom to get away from Belinda’s snoring.

Lisa tells Mario that in many ways, Belinda has taken over the house. Lisa says that Belinda is trying to find out who is the most popular in the house. Mario wants to grill Belinda.

Belinda says that she doesn’t take anything at home for the snoring. Maybe she just needs to sleep next to someone. Mario tells Belinda that she is trying to push herself onto someone else.

Mario asks Belinda why she keeps saying her name three times all the time. She says that it is related to her theatre background. Mario goes off on her a bit for being annoying. He is trying to work her out, he winks at Lisa. Mario says that Belinda keeps asking questions of everyone. Belinda says that she is insecure.

Luke is in the diary room. He says that it has become a crash of the bedrooms. B Block has more HM. The luxury bedroom has less HM. Luke calls Rachel and Kath as extras, they weren’t important. Darnell considers Luke as the face of the luxury bedroom. Luke thinks that Darnell is the ambassador of B Block.

Mario is talking to Mikey about health and safety issues concerning elastic bands. It’s funny.

Luke and Bex are talking in the luxury bedroom. Luke thinks that Sara isn’t a PA. He tells Bex that May is the PA and tha Sara is the model.

Mikey tells Mario that he would never go out with someone who smokes. Mario asks him about Sara. Mikey says maybe a one-night-stand. Mario says that she is a very naturally beautiful lady. She is more of a model than the model.

The HM are gathered at the sofas to hear about this week’s task. They see the VT and almost all of the HM are immediately discouraged.

Lisa is helping Bex to mediate.

Sara tells Mo that Mikey likes him. Sara says that he likes having a bit of a feel. She calls him over and flirts with him. She calls him cute. She goes to get a drink. She’s nice and personable.

The drummers are Mikey, Belinda, Mario and Luke. The rest of the HM are dancers. They have 48hrs to learn an Irish jig. It’s not going to be easy. They will most likely fail. Mario is on Bex’s case for being a baby.

The HM have been gathered to find out who is nominated this week. They still don’t know that Bex and Mario are nominated. They will know in a few moments. The HM are informed who is nominated. Freaking Darnell keeps saying “Oh my God”. He is annoying. Stu gives Bex a big hug. Luke tells her that he can’t lose her. Of course she’s going to go! We can’t lose The Facilitator!

Mario tells Luke that he knows who nominated him, it’s written on their faces.

Rex and Darnell tell the new HM that they don’t want to smell the house on chickpeas.

Luke is paranoid about B Block 9.

Mario, Mikey and Lisa are in the garden. Mario and Lisa get in a little tiff. He tells her that her cooking and cleaning is demeaning her. The others are laughing and walking all over her. Mario tells her that she is trying to be the mother of the house. He tells her look at what happened to Rex. It annoys Mario, this is a gameshow, not real life.

Later, Mario continues to tell her that she thinks that it’s real life, but it isn’t. She needs to play the game. She’s not being herself. She tells him a few moments later that they need to have a chat later, because she’s being herself. For Mario to say this is really offending.

Bex is in the diary room. She doesn’t know what she did to get nominated. She knows that Darnell nominated her and Mario, which is actually true.

Dale is coaching the HM on their dancing.

Lisa comes to the diary room. She says that she is stressed. The task is the hardest one that they have ever had. Everyone is very negative. With Mario being nominated, she feels that he brought up some issues with her to take out some aggression. This is a real test for their relationship. Mario thinks that the house is out to split them up. Lisa doesn’t think that Mario deserves to go.

Belinda wants Mario to memorize the rhythm of the drums. Mikey is pissed off at Belinda. She’s doing her head in. Mario tells her that he’s not interested. He’s up for nomination and he wants to chat with his girlfriend.

After she leaves, Mario tells Luke that Belinda was shit when trying to learn the drums. Mikey is complaining to Rachel as well. Mario laughs at Belinda’s statement at being in a band.

Mikey gets on Belinda’s case because she keeps saying that he is blind. He tells her off for taking four hours to learn something that they already did know. Rachel tells her that Mikey will ask for help if he needs it. He’s like any other HM and doesn’t want to spend any extra time with Belinda.

Rex, Sara, Maysoon and Bex are at the ashtray. Rex says that Luke didn’t have this personality. Bex and her band brought this out of Luke. Rex says that Luke is a little shit stirrer.

Luke, Mario and Lisa are talking about Rachel and Kath leaving the luxury bedroom.

You’re nothing. You haven’t got your man, they’ll take you out.
Mario to Lisa.

* * * * *

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