Day Off

Today is my first day off in quite a while, if I don’t include Sundays. I don’t even have any errands to run. I did all of my errands yesterday. I might pick up some red tuna today though.

The weather is beautiful (35C) and today is the day of my big run. I’ve rested for the last two days so that I can actually run for over an hour. I’m hoping to run something between 15-20km. That’s something between 23 and 30 laps of my 650m track. I’ll be heading out at around 7PM, after sundown.

I’m kind of excited about it. I didn’t mind not running last night, although I was itching to go. However, my ankle felt sore and my knee needed the rest.

I’ve added a few more training blogs to my feed reader to motivate me. I really enjoy reading. Heather is a fast runner who just completed the Boston marathon and just ran 66.5 miles last week. Diane just completed a 10K race on the weekend. Courntey got a clean bill of health from her doctors. Leana had company on a 10 mile jog this weekend.


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