4 KM

I fantasized about running 8 km before I started out, but that all felt to bits when I realized that the back of my right knee was extremely sore from yesterday’s run. Strangely enough, my feet were also sore, especially the left one.

I managed to run 4 km at a slower pace than usual. It took me 32 minutes to complete this. I can usually do this in 25-27 minutes.

I was disappointed that I didn’t run in a full downpour. I barely got sprinkled during my run. Too bad, maybe next time.

Today’s food included 1L of kiwi/pineapple smoothie in the morning. I had a 10″ smoked chicken and veggie pizza at La Pizza, with a bowl of hot steaming soup while the Typhoon battered down some stormy weather. My lunch was 200NT (~6.5$).

After I came home and had a grapefruit and an apple-pear, I kind of steam cooked some veggies. I wanted to include some meat, so I defrosted a few pork cutlets. I chopped them up, included lots of spices, garlic, coriander, cumin, curry powder, chili and a tad of Thai red curry mix.

I love spicy food, but I can see now that I will have trouble with it if I stick to raw food as much as I do. I can eat some cooked food, but the spices, which I usually relish, didn’t feel too good in my stomach afterwards. I went to the bathroom several times before leaving on the run.

I topped the night with a papaya-milk (half a papaya blended in with some milk). I might have a few more fruit before heading to bed.

Even though I weigh 165lbs now, there is still some more weight to shed. Or fat. If fat is turned into a weight gain of muscles, I won’t be displeased. Actually, that’s what I’m aiming for. I’ve lost almost a fourth of my weight since January (~46lbs, 21kg).





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