Big Brother Australia S08D080 (Channel Ten)

Each year, there is talk of canceling the BBAU show. It seems that this year, Channel Ten AUS has decided to cancel the show completely. The show is pretty big, but the format might need to be reworked a bit. Towards the end of the show, it really gets boring. Right now, it is totally boring I have to say, if I compare it with BBUK.

Life in the BBAU house isn’t getting any easier. Alice is getting by with the treadmill. Travis passes the time by cooking. Terri is extremely frustrated with him because he takes too long.

One of Rory’s items in his care package was his favorite set of lego bricks. Travis is getting to her.

3 more parcels are available. However, the HM can only get 2. Since Terri got a letter last week, Ben decides to get his and Travis’ care packages. Travis wants to rock off. Terri says no.

Ben’s letter is making him cry. Travis also starts to cry. Terri leaves. She’s had enough of Travis. Terri is upset she didn’t get anything.

Ben asks BB if he could get Terri’s care package.

Tonight, Travis will cook one of the HM’s favorite dishes. It took Travis 5:36 hours to cook the meal.

BB calls Ben. He will trade the care package for the treadmill. He must keep it a secret from Terri. Alice doesn’t want to sacrifice the treadmill.

Rory tells Ben what Alice just said about not wanting to swap the treadmill. She argues with Rory. She then continues to talk loudly with Travis about the situation. Travis tells Terri what’s up. The gig is up. Later Rory continues to stir up the argument with Alice. Alice vehemently opposes anyone getting rid of the treadmill. Alice tells Rory that he keeps badgering her about being on the treadmill so much.

Terri comes to the diary room. She understood what just happened. She doesn’t want to be the cause of the rift between her and Alice.

BB tells the HM that the deal is off because Terri found out because of all of the loud arguments.

* * * * *

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